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Russian Roulette. RPL Week 10 Preview

Russian football has lurched from one extreme to another at the international level during the midweek. While Zenit and Lokomotiv kept up standards high, CSKA and Krasnodar somehow managed to lose their ties 1-10 on aggregate.

RPL provides them with a unique opportunity to find out who is worse in a head-to-head match on Sunday. Looking forward to 5-5!

Game Week 10 is just around the corner! These are the games that will be held during the following game week.

RPL tournaments on FanTeam use new scoring rules. You can learn more from the article below.


This week there are several decent options for premium picks. Common sense makes us tilt toward Rostov as the only one rested team in the group of leaders. But I can't help but use Zenit attacking players in this section.

The club from Saint Petersburg will face Rubin Kazan on Saturday evening. The best attack (2.13 xG/90) against the worst defence (2.02 xGA/90).

Azmoun limped off the field in Lyon which means that Dzyuba (14.4) and Driussi (13.5) will probably make-up the attacking duo. Artem is the 3rd best for xG+xA (leaders are injured Azmoun and Al.Miranchuk), Driussi used to play in a deeper position creating chances for the partners (1.97 xG, 10th in RPL).

When looking for an option among defenders, pay attention to Igor Smolnikov (10.3). He wasn't picked for the starting squad on Tuesday but Sergey Semak assured that Karavaev fits the five-at-the-back line, necessary in Champions League, more than Igor. Rubin will hardly make Zenit's head coach use this model at the weekend.


Our value play this week is based on players from FC Orenburg.

Déjà vu? The thing is Orenburg is the second best team of the league according to the underlying stats in the last month (2.16 xG/90). Loko fought bravely in Leverkusen and will have less than 60 hours to recover for one more away game.

Djorde Despotovic (8.3) is still one of the most dangerous strikers in the league. 10 starting weeks show that he is able to perform at the same level with Dzyuba and Chalov - 5.26 xG against 5.68 and 5.13 respectively.

Ricardo Alves (7.0) returned to the starting squad against Rubin with inspiration, having created 1.65 xA for his partners. Despotovic failed to convert brilliant passes into goals but who knows, maybe they will have something up their sleeves for the Saturday game?


Two lowest scoring teams of the league are to face each other at VTB Arena in Moscow. Dinamo registered 6 (!) clean sheets in 9 games. Sochi had very difficult fixtures in the beginning of the season but gained points regularly.

Despite the lack of points and goals, Moscow's side looks rather creative in the attacking phase (7th in RPL, massively underperforming with 12.51 xG for 6 goals). Khokhlov still can't find the right man to strike it home. Rumours are that Dinamo are looking for the right man to replace Khokhlov himself...

Head coach's fortune mainly rests with Sly Igboun (11.9). A newcomer has already played 90 minutes against Ufa with 0.92 xG+0.52xA. Statistically speaking, not a bad start, but Dinamo's fans are waiting for goals.

The diversity of average options in Dinamo's midfield and attack boggles my mind. Very few players have a secured spot in the squad. Maximilian Philipp (10.5) isthe one that is definitely worth looking at. He is listed as a forward but he compensates for it with set pieces from all over the pitch.



Artem Dzyuba (14.4)

The best Russian striker against the worst defence of the league. No decent backup as Azmoun and Malcom are injured. No more need to give away penalties to Driussi.

Everything is for Artem's armband except...


Eldor Shomurodov (11.4)

Rostov's main striker tops the highscorers list with 7 goals. 4.53 shots/90 and 2.44 key passes/90 in his last 3 games.

Tambov's coach Grigoryan has recently praised Rostov's playing model but will he be successful in shutting out the Uzbek forward?


Otman El Kabir (Ural, 7.6) - Ural goes on showing impressive attacking performances. Arsenal is next in line. If you are looking for Ural cover, Otman has fully recovered from injury and now seems to be less vulnerable to rotation than his colleagues Bavin and Panyukov.

Anton Zinkovskiy (Krylya Sovetov, 6.7) - played full-time against Krasnodar, had 3 shots and 3 key passes. 

Samuel Gigot (Spartak, 7.3) - mainstream option, but Frenchman is still unrestrainable in the opponent's penalty area. 4 goals in 9 games and a good chance for a clean sheet. 

We hope this preview leads you to success this week on FanTeam! We sincerely hope you do better than the RFPL clubs in the starting round of the Europa League. Good luck to us all!



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