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1 year ago

SKY Fantasy Football December Review: Midfielders and Forwards

This is the second part of my monthly Sky Fantasy Football review. This article reflects on the midfielders and forwards that are leading the way with regards to points and bonus points so far this season. There are some surprise packages that have emerged since my last article in Sky GW9. I will also look at the December fixtures and recommend some of my favourite differentials, premiums and budget options to consider over the next four weeks. Take a look!



Highest Scoring Midfielder

B. Fernandes (MUN) £10.9m

Manchester United talisman Bruno Fernandes is now the highest-scoring midfielder in the game, taking over from Jack Grealish (AVL) who has led the way four weeks ago. Bruno sits on 92 points with 7 goals and 5 assists so far this season, as a result, he is extremely well owned with 82.6% of teams in the top 1k owning him. Bruno also has the highest xG (5.59) and highest xA (4.85) of any other midfielders in the game.

Over the last four games, Bruno has accumulated 45 points. An impressive display against Everton saw him get two goals, an assist plus shots tier 2, leading to a 19-point haul. In the games since, he acquired 12 points vs West Brom, 10 vs Southampton and a 4 pointer off the bench against West Ham on the weekend. Bruno is a player who is almost essential in SkyFF, yet there will be plenty jumping ship over the coming weeks to gain 3 for 1 and 2 for 1 opportunities.

Next 5 fixtures: Man City (H), Sheffield United (A), Leeds (H), Leicester (A), Wolves (H)


Bonus Magnet

Y. Tielmans (LEI) £8.3m

Tom Cairney (FUL) was the highest bonus points scorer at GW9 but has been replaced by Youri Tielmans who has mustered up 25 tier bonus so far this season. What is attractive about Tielmans is that the bonus points are scattered between passing, tackling and shots bonuses. He’s hit shots tier 1 twice, passing tier 1 once, tackle tier 1 twice and passing tier 2 on five occasions. Tielmans is owned by just 5.5% of teams in the top 1k, he sits on 60 points and costs just £8.3m.

Next 5 fixtures: Brighton (H), Everton (H), Spurs (A), Man United (H), Crystal Palace (A)


GW9-GW13 Highest Bonus:

N. Kante (CHE) £8.1m

In the last four gameweeks, it’s Chelsea busy body N’golo Kante that’s managed the most bonus points. An 11 points haul against Sheffield United saw Kante hit tier 2 bonus for passing and tackling whilst also getting an assist. He also hit tier one passing and tackling bonus against Newcastle the following week and tier 1 passing against Spurs in GW12.

Kante’s hardly setting the SkyFF world alight so far this season, but maybe he’s the one that managers could be keeping a close eye on moving forward. If he can continue to accumulate bonus points as he has done over the last four gameweeks, then he will probably be owned by more than the one single manager in the top 1k that currently owns him come January.

Next 5 Fixtures: Everton (A), Wolves (A), West Ham (H), Arsenal (A), Aston Villa (H)

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Highest Scoring Forward:

H. Kane (TOT) £11.7m

Not only the highest-scoring forward, but the highest-scoring player in the whole game with 115 points. 8 goals, 10 assists and a 9.83 points per million ratio see’s Kane’s ownership at 68.3% in the top 1k. Kane has been fantastic throughout the season, but what is shining through at the moment is his ability to create goals and not just score them. Kane has the highest xA of any striker in the game.

In the last four gameweeks, Kane has accumulated 29 points, including two goals, two assists and two man-of-the-match awards. Notably, within the four matches, Kane didn’t hit a single tier bonus which is a little concerning.

Next 5 Fixtures: Crystal Palace (A), Liverpool (A), Leicester (H), Wolves (A), Fulham (H)


Bonus Magnet:

D. Calvert-Lewin (EVE) £9.3m

Owned by 44.5% of the top 1k, Dominic Calvert-Lewin keeps his status as the striker with the most bonus so far this season hitting tier 1 and tier 2 shooting on four occasions each. The 20 points of shooting bonus feeds into an impressive 99 points for the season so far and an impressive 10.65 points per million. Calvert-Lewin is the Premier League's top scorer with 11 goals in 11 games.

He seems to be at the right place at the right time every time. Over the last four gameweeks, DCL has hit blanked against Manchester United and Leeds but hauled against Fulham and Burnley. This suggests that it’s the weaker opposition we should be considering DCL as our captain for, but it’s worth remembering that he has scored against Liverpool and Spurs already this season.

Next 5 Fixtures: Chelsea (H), LEI (A), ARS (H), SHU (A), MCI (H), WHU (H)


GW9-GW13 Highest Bonus:

Richarlison (EVE) £10.3 and O. McBurnie (SHU) £8.5m

Sitting on 42 points for the season and providing managers with just 4.08 points per million, Richarlison is just 0.4% owned in the top 1k. Last season he was well owned when classified as a midfielder but at £10.3m. there are just so many better options than him now he’s reclassified as a forward. That said, Everton are a different team with Richarlison in it and he definitely provides the creative spark in attack. Since GW9 Richarlison has only played in three matches as he was serving a suspension in GW9, yet he is joint highest bonus point scorer having hit shots tier 1 against Fulham and shots and tackle tier 2 against Leeds. Unfortunately, he’s priced a whole £1.0million more than strike partner Calvert-Lewin so I don’t see him being very well owned this season. The one thing that Richi has in his favour is that he’s on penalties.

Next 5 Fixtures: Chelsea (H), LEI (A), ARS (H), SHU (A), MCI (H), WHU (H)

I’m going to go on record and say that I am absolutely not recommending anybody bringing Oliver McBurnie into their team’s despite being joint top of the bonus points for strikers through the last four gameweeks. Sheffield United look extremely poor offensively, so he’s done well to hit the bonus tiers against West Ham (shooting tier 1) and West Brom (shooting tier 2, tackling tier 1). He also managed a goal against Leicester. Unsurprisingly, McBurnie isn’t owned by anybody in the top 1k and I’d be extremely surprised if that was to change at any point of the season.

Next 5 Fixtures: Southampton (A), Man United (H), Brighton (A), Everton (H), Burnley (A)



December is arguably the busiest and most exciting month of the season from a fantasy aspect where points and big arrows can be gained. Seventeen match days that can make or break your season. Generally speaking, captaincy coverage should be fairly simple with a number of teams playing on most match days. Leeds vs West Ham this coming Friday is the only single match day in the whole of December.

Should you need to make moves for midfielders or forwards in the forthcoming weeks, here are some of my favoured picks.



Budget: West Brom’s Connor Gallagher at £6.0m has impressed this season despite playing in a team destined for relegation. He gets a fair share of tackle bonuses and in the last two games against Sheffield United and Crystal Palace has shown that he can put the ball in the net. Owned by one single manager in the top 1k, he’s a huge differential but possibly an even bigger enabler for those looking to scrape money together for the premium assets.

Premium: Over the next month, I feel it’s Kevin De Bruyne that everyone should have their eye on if you don’t own him already. The Belgian can turn it on and provide a monster haul in any game against anybody. He’s 79% owned in the top 1k but has had a disappointing start to the season by his standard with just 66 points on the board (5.74 points per million). I feel like City are starting to find their feet with some much-improved performances of late and with Man United, West Brom, Southampton, Newcastle and Everton next up, I’m backing KDB to have a very merry Christmas!

Differential: As mentioned in this article, I think there is some scope for N’golo Kante (0.1% owned in top 1k) and Youri Tielmans (4.9% owned in top 1k) to be decent differential picks. But one that’s looking decent value is Leeds’ Kalvin Phillips, who’s selected by just 0.7% of the top 1k. Phillips is going under the radar at just £7.1m, maybe down to missing three gameweeks with injury. In the eight games he has played, he has two assists, hit passing tier 1 once, passing tier 2 twice and tackling tier 2 on three occasions. One to keep an eye on perhaps?

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Budget: How has another Leeds player snuck into this article? Anyway I think Bamford is a decent budget option at £8.2m. I don’t necessarily think he’s a great player, but he’s certainly racking up the fantasy football points this season. In SkyFF he’s sat on 85 points. 8 goals and 2 assists to his name so far.  He gets so many chances every game so he’ll always be in and around the shooting bonus tiers. Fixtures look great for Leeds through December so if you are looking to free up funds, it might be worth considering Bamford. Personally, I don’t want a budget striker and very much see the frontline as a place for the premiums.

Premium: Mo Salah is looking so hungry this season and I can’t help but feel he is going to give us a few hauls over the Christmas period, starting with Fulham away this weekend. Liverpool’s Egyptian King has 9 goals to his name so far this season and needs no second invitation to take a shot at goal which is great for shooting bonus. He’s owned by 54% of the top 1k at the moment, which is likely to rise before the weekend since the 46% who don’t own might suffer from a spot of FOMO (fear of missing out). Through the month of December Salah goes up against Fulham (A), Spurs (H), Crystal Palace (A), West Brom (H) and Newcastle (A).

Differential: Danny Ings came back from injury with a bang against Brighton on Monday night, talking the penalty that lead to the Saints 2-1 victory. 6 goals in 8 appearances for Ings so far this season and you know what you’re getting from him; when he’s in form, he will get a steady flow of goals and man of the match awards. He’s £9.9m but owned by just 0.4% of the top 1k, could moving in early pay off? It sure is tempting given that he’s up against Sheffield United at home this Sunday!



Cardiff City fan with a soft spot for Manchester United! An FPL enthusiast with 4x top 100k in the last 4 seasons including 5k in 20/21. Also playing SkyFF, FanTeamMillion and GAFFR. You can find me on Twitter if you have any questions! Would love to hear from you! - @CORF_FPL