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Sky Fantasy Football: Rules & Strategy

Sky Fantasy Football is an extremely popular season-long fantasy game in the UK. The game is free but you may win impressive prizes, including £50,000 that goes to the winner, when all is said and done. Let us explain how the game works and how it is different from other season-long games out there. 

You can take part in the game if you are 18 years or older while being the resident of the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The only thing you need to start playing is to sign up with your Sky Bet account. You should use your Sky Bet login and pin at

You must choose 11 players within the 100 million budget at the beginning of the season. There is no limit on players from the same team meaning you may pick a team consisting only of Liverpool or Chelsea players if the budget allows you to do this.

One of the things that makes it different is that you are allowed to enter 2 teams into the competition and add a third one in January which provides you with one more option to shine even the start of the season hasn't been much successful. Anyone entering a third team will automatically go into the January League with the £1,000 cash prize. Even if players currently only have one squad under their management, all second and third teams will enter the January League.

Once you are finished with the players’ selection, the most expensive player from your side will be given the captain’s armband. Captaincy plays an extremely important role in Sky Fantasy and we’ll talk about it later in more detail.


Sky Fantasy Football Scoring System

The way players score points is similar to other fantasy football games. The main differences are in the number of points per action and the bonus points system. Take a look at the chart that will clarify what players get their points for.

Player Scoring Points

Event Points
Making to the starting squad 2
Substitution appearance 1
Goal Scored by a goalkeeper or a defender 7
Goal Scored by a midfielder 6
Goal Scored by a Striker 5
Goal Assist 3
Clean Sheet (GK) 7
Clean Sheet (DEF) 5
Penalty Save 5
Penalty Miss 3
2 or more goals conceded -1
Own goal -2
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Man of the Match 3
Bonus Points - Tier 1 *
Bonus Poits - Tier 2 **

An assist is defined as the final pass or pass-cum-shot leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. It also includes the following actions: 

  • Penalty won 
  • If a shot is saved or hits the woodwork, a rebound is scored 
  • Instigating an own goal through a shot/pass

A clean sheet is awarded to the goalkeeper or defender whose team does not concede a goal for the full match. Moreover, a player qualifies for clean sheet points if he plays at least 60 minutes of the game.

A goalkeeper is given points for the penalty save regardless of whether he has touched the ball or not. It means that a goalkeeper will be given 5 points even if the penalty taker misses his penalty shot.

Sky Sports journalists vote for The Man of the Match after every game. It is important to note that the Man of the Match announced on TV could be different from the one that is decided by Sky Sports. The information about the Man of the Match becomes available in the Sky Sports reports section after any game. 

There are more ways to earn fantasy returns in Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Here is the breakdown of bonus points and how players may score them.


Event Points
3 saves made (GK only) 2
3 tackles won (All players) 2
60 completed passes (All players) 2
2 shots on target (All players) 2


Event Points
5 or more saves made (only for goalkeepers) 3
4 or more tackles won (All players) 3
70 or more completed passes (All players) 3
3 or more shots on target (All players) 3

All the stats are provided by the Premier League's official stats provider OPTA.  


Team and Transfers

There are 6 different formations available to use in the game. They include: 

Sky Fantasy Football, available formations


Like in most fantasy games, the captain scores double points for your team. The main difference of Sky Fantasy compared to other products is that the game week consists of match days. Your task is to choose a captain for every match day. If there are 4 match days in the upcoming game week (from Friday to Monday), you will have to select 4 captains, one for each match day. That certainly means more micro-management and squad tinkering. You have to decide for yourself whether it is something you enjoy playing fantasy football.

You may choose all your captains for the game week in advance or set each of them right before their subsequent match day deadlines. All managers can make unlimited changes to their captains before the deadlines.


After the start of the season and its first deadline, each manager is given a total of only 40 transfers for the season to make changes to the team. You need to remember that a maximum of 5 transfers could be made during one Game Week that runs from Friday to Thursday.

You need to complete all your transfers before the deadline of the Matchday so that the transfers become eligible for scoring. Match Day deadline is the kick-off of the first game that day. All the transfers that you make after the deadline will be applied starting the next Match Day. 

Let me give you an example. If you bring in Kevin de Bruyne in your team before the Match Day deadline on Sunday, he will start scoring points immediately once his match begins. However, if you transfer the Manchester City midfielder after the Match Day deadline on Sunday, he will not score any points for your fantasy team. It is the player's points who was transferred out of your team after the deadline on Sunday that will be added to your overall team's score. De Bruyne will start earning points from any matches played starting the following Monday. 


Overhaul is nothing else than a Wildcard, more familiar term used in fantasy circles.

Overhaul is a period of time during which you are able to make an unlimited amount of transfers staying within the  £100 million budget. All the transfers you make in this period are not counted towards the 40 transfers you are given for the season.

Overhauls take place two times a season: the first one in September and the other one in February. 
The first period usually starts after gameweek 4 has concluded. Overhaul runs throughout the whole game week 5 and finishes with the first kick-off of game week 6. 

The second Overhaul period starts after the last deadline of the matchday of gameweek 26. The Overhaul will remain available until the first kick-off of game week 27. 

You are given an opportunity to make unlimited transfers during the overhaul periods until the first game day kick-off. Once the deadline has passed, the overhaul expires and all the transfers you make will be counted towards your 40-player transfer limit. 

Game Week 

As far as 2019/20 season is concerned, Game weeks in the Sky Football Fantasy run from Friday to Thursday. Remember that Game weeks consist of match days so you can make transfers and captain changes before every match day.

Create & Join Leagues 

Leagues are the best way to find out who the football guru really is among your workmates and family members. You may even some prizes playing in some of them.

Free Leagues 

In fantasy football on Sky Sports you and your friends may create a Free League and settle once and for all who the real manager is and who's picking their captains randomly and just rides his luck. 

Prize Leagues 

You can also set up a Prize League for the season. A good option if you want to play for something more than pride. You have to choose an entry fee for all league members which forms the overall prize fund. Sky's Fantasy Football provides all fantasy lovers with a free service – prize money is paid out to the winners at the end of the season with no commission paid! The entry money is stored in your Sky Bet account. 

You may set up an Entry Fee of £2, £5, £10 or £20 per person. 

Two payout structures are available: winner takes all or tiered prizes. 

You should enter Prize Leagues before 23:59 on September 30th, 2019. All points you've already scored before entering the League will be carried into the League as well. This way you will not have to start from scratch if you join the league after the start of the season. 

Sky Sports Leagues 

There are some Sky Sports Leagues available for anyone willing to play against Sky Sports pundits, celebrities, and other famous users. Nothing can be sweeter than beating your childhood sports hero or a famous pundit.

Supporter Leagues 

When choosing a club to support during the team selection process, you will be automatically entered into the Supporters League of the chosen club where you can play against people with the same football taste.  


Knockout Cup 

The first Knockout Cup took place in the 2019/20 season. 

Unlike the official FPL tournament, all teams play the preliminary round of the Knockout cup. The only condition was that your team had to be created not later than at 23:59 on Thursday 7th November 2019.

All the teams were randomly matched to each other in the 1st round that took place during game week 20. The team that scored the most points in the Game Week advanced into the next round of the Cup.

The head-to-head final featuring the last two teams standing is to be played during game week 41, which is the last game week of the season. The winner of the cup will get £1,000 while the runner up will receive £250.


Sky Sports Fantasy Football: Conclusion

Sky Fantasy is a free and rather unique tournament for all the UK football fans. The captaincy system is similar to the official UEFA Champions League fantasy game and demands a lot of attention from the manager. It is one of the things that make it different from the official FPL game. Bonus point system and a limited number of transfers for the whole season are interesting touches that spice up the game as well. The introduction of the Knockout Cup allows all the managers to fight for prizes even if the start of the season hasn't been very successful. 



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