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Beginners Guide To Sorare Fantasy Tournaments

Fantasy football is a big part of Sorare platform as Sorare cards, apart from the collector’s value, can be used in fantasy tournaments (called SO5) organized by the website. Taking part in these tournaments gives you a great chance of winning more cards or Ethereum cryptocurrency. This article aims to help you understand what cards you need to take part in different Sorare tournaments.


Gameweeks Start Time

First of all, we need to understand when fantasy tournaments are played, as with more than 100 clubs from different leagues and parts of the world are members of the Sorare family now, match days and times can differ.

There are 2 Gameweeks taking place each week on the platform: 

  • Friday to Tuesday, deadline to enter a team at 17.00 UTC Friday
  • Tuesday to Friday, deadline to enter a team at 17.00 UTC Tuesday

Sorare SO5 fantasy section is divided into Global and Regional tournaments. All of them, apart from Global Unique, Rookie tournament, and Special Weekly, have four divisions.

You can enter each division with only one team. The scarcity of the cards that you can use depends on the division you enter. We will talk about it in more detail a bit later.


Global and Regional Tournaments

Global tournaments are Global All-Star, Global Under 23, Rookie tournament and Global Unique. 

  • Global All-Star (4 divs) — you can put literally any player in your team in this tournament
  • Global Under 23 (4 divs) — only players who are 23 or under as of July, 1st
  • Rookie tournament — you should use a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 common cards. You are allowed to pick 2 rare cards instead of common ones.
  • Global Unique — the tournament where you can use the cards only of the unique scarcity.

Only a Rare card player can be used as team captain in Rookie tournaments. Therefore, if you use five common cards, your team won’t have a captain. Each manager has 8 entries in the Rookie League. After 8 game weeks you won't be able to play in this tournament. Caution: if you enter a team in training or in any tournament during the game week even without entering the Rookie League, you will use one of your 8 entries.

In order for the Global All-Star and U-23 tournaments to be opened for the game week, at least 2 regional leagues should be open this week.

In Regional tournaments, you are allowed to only use cards of the players that are currently playing in the subsequent region. There are 4 regional tournaments. The leagues that compose all these tournaments are laid out in the tables below (the info is as of December, 1).


Champion Asia

Sorare Champion Asia League list


Champion America 

Sorare Champion America League list


Champion Europe

Sorare Champion Europe League list


Challenger Europe

Sorare Challenger Europe League list

In order for the regional tournament to be opened for the game week, 10 clubs in this region that have their cards issued on Sorare should be playing their games during the gameweek.


Training Player and Special Tournaments

Special Weekly tournament is one more tournament that we can’t define as either Global or Regional. Each week Sorare creates this tournament with unique rules: for example, all players must be older than 33 years old, of one nationality and the like. To successfully enter a team into such a tournament, you must abide by these rules.

There is also a training section on the platform where you can boost your players’ XP. Just like in the tournaments, you have to create a training team that consists of 5 players.

More on what player XP really does for your Sorare fantasy team and why it is important will be covered in our second article about player cards.



Almost all tournaments, as we have already mentioned, have 4 divisions. Each of them has its own rules concerning the scarcity of the cards you can use in it.

Sorare Tournaments Divisions

Understanding the tournament structure and division format will help you when considering which player cards to bid for on the Sorare transfer market. Certain managers aim to get enough cards to compete in multiple regions and divisions, while others focus on buying cards to regularly contest one specific division. The higher the division, the more valuable and powerful cards managers will field each week. Obviously, the number of teams is generally higher the lower the division is. 

Tournament Tips

Start slow but steady

All-Star Division 4 is the best place for the new managers to enter their squad as you are guaranteed to get 0,01 eth for scoring 205 or more points and 0,02 eth for scoring over 250 points in a gameweek. As for all other prizes in the tournaments, you can find all the necessary information at the bottom of the "Play" page on the Sorare website.

Pay attention to the Weekly Special

If you have strong cards that meet the requirements of a particular gameweek, you have a good chance to beat even the players with very big collections because the range of cards available for this tournament is rather limited.

Look for opportunities

For the gameweeks with not many games to be played, sometimes it is sensible to put your team in one division higher than you usually do it if you are able to meet the requirements. In such weeks, not many users are able to create more than 1-2 teams and they are inclined to use them in Division 4 if we talk about rare cards. Putting your team in Division 3 in this situation is a risky move that can pay off thanks to lesser competition in it in a particular week.


Sorare gives all managers a chance to win valuable prizes twice a week, make sure you take full advantage of that and enter our teams into weekly tournaments regularly. Hopefully, you have now understood how regions and divisions work and have a better idea where you want to compete and what cards to aim for. In our next article, we will explain how to sell and buy cards on the platform and why gaining player cards XP is so important in Sorare. 



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