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Sorare 101: How to Start, How Much to Invest?

The past six weeks or so have been a particularly exciting time on Sorare. Indeed, during this short period, we have had the following announcements:

  • Launch of the new, ‘Limited’ (1/1000) scarcity – 13/08/21
  • La Liga partnership announced – 09/09/21
  • $680 million raised in Serie B funding round
  • Bundesliga partnership announced – 06/10/21


What's New?

During the bulk of my time on Sorare, (on and off since February 2021), the platform has progressed at a fairly consistent pace, but these recent announcements have really accelerated the growth and brought in a wave of new managers.

Sorare Market in October 2021

Indeed, according to Sorare Data, the number of managers who own 1+/5+/10+ cards on Sorare has more than doubled in the period since 13th August to today, (18th October). That is pretty impressive to say the least!

The new, ‘Limited’ scarcity has been introduced by the Sorare team as the new entry level scarcity for managers and it is perhaps the biggest fundamental change made since the platform launched.

The Limited scarcity cards can only be used in the, 'Limited' scarcity fantasy football competitions as it stands now.

As a new user to the platform, I am sure it feels like an exciting time to get involved, but exactly how you should go about this is somewhat open to debate and opinion, (depending on who you listen to!).

With all these changes afoot, it is therefore worth asking the question, ‘Is Sorare an Expensive Hobby for those with Deep Pockets, or is it still a Viable Investment Opportunity?’

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Starting Budget

When you first join Sorare, it is imperative to formulate a clear strategy. Perhaps the first thing to do is have a think about what budget you have to get started and how much you are willing to deposit initially.

For the purpose of this article, we will look at two different strategies to play the core SO5 game based on having a starting budget of >£500 and <£500.

The ‘Traditional’ Route to Getting Started on Sorare

Starting on Sorare The Traditional Way

Until the recent launch of the new, ‘Limited’ scarcity, the best way to begin your Sorare journey was undoubtedly to put a team together to enter the, ‘Global All Star Division 4’, (GAS D4) each game week.  As of 19/10/21, this division has been re-branded by Sorare as, 'All Star Rare' and we will refer to this as 'ASR' in the below section.

There are a number of reasons why this is still a very viable strategy today and in my opinion a good option to consider, (particularly if starting on a >£500 budget).


  • All Star Rare, (ASR) allows you to enter a team with 4 x Rare players and 1 Common player.
  • In All Star Rare, (ASR) – Sorare currently provide managers with a, ‘beat the game’ threshold payment of 0.01ETH or 0.02ETH for scores >205 or >250 respectively
  • Given the soaring price of Ethereum, (ETH) this equates to approximately £27.50 and £55.00 on current exchange rate to £sterling
  • If you are able to purchase players that often play in midweek fixtures, (e.g. European competitions), this can equate to 2 x Game Weeks each calendar week and allows you to quickly bank a decent return
  • Using a common goalkeeper is especially useful, as they are by far the most expensive position on the game, (there’s so few of them!) and allows you to build a team in this division with 4 Rare players
  • You can use players from all regions in the game and this division runs all year round
  • Rewards – Earning rewards can be very lucrative in ASR if winning Tier 2 cards or higher. For example, you can use players from the Asia and American regions and in turn win higher value Champion Europe cards
  • There are only a maximum of 100 Rare versions of a player released each season. Scarcity of these cards when new users join is therefore much higher when compared to Limiteds


  • High-Quality Rare players are expensive – You will need to put some work in to find undervalued players
  • You will likely need to purchase more ‘unknown’ players, as the household names are costly
  • ASR currently has the highest number of entrants, (although All Star Limited will likely surpass this in the coming weeks)
  • At some point in the future, Sorare have said they will be redesigning the structure of the game and that the Threshold system will be replaced by a new, ‘Progression Bar’. Nobody has any real idea what this will entail yet, but from recent communications it sounds some way off


The ‘New Way’ to get Started – Limited Cards

Starting on Sorare With Limited Cards

The other viable strategy to getting started on Sorare is to focus purely on the Limited scarcity and creating a team that can challenge for rewards each Game Week. The strategy again would be to target entering the, 'All Star' division, (All Star Limited/ASL) initially and branching out from there.

I would consider this as the optimum strategy for starting on a <£500 budget.


  • The Limited scarcity are the lowest priced cards in the game
  • Entering into the, All Star Limited, (ASL) competition with cards from any region can win Champion Europe and U23 rewards – which are the most valuable cards to win
  • By entering ASL and utilizing players from different regions, it can allow you to branch out and enter into other tournaments quite quickly, (as you will likely win players that you can use across a mixture of regions)
  • The Limited market is currently quite active and liquid in terms of being able to buy and sell players, as the majority of new users are getting started at this level
  • You may be able to afford the bigger name players from more mainstream leagues more easily
  • Goalkeepers are more affordable – They will still likely be your highest purchase, but the prices aren’t quite as eye watering as in the Rare scarcity!
  • Limited scarcity cards are eligible in the side tournaments run by Sorare Mega and on occasions in the, ‘Special Weekly’


  • There are no threshold, ‘beat the game’ payments/ in GAS D5
  • Tier 3 cards are potentially quite difficult to sell on the transfer/secondary market, as hold little immediate value
  • The scarcity is set at a maximum of 1,000 cards per season – so there is up to 10x the total amount of cards of each player/per season compared to their Rare version
  • You are not able to use a Common card for your Goalkeeper in D5


Key Starting Strategies 

Key Strategies When Starting on Sorare

These strategies may be applied to both the All Star Rare and All Star Limited divisions, depending on your initial investment.

Сhoose your favourite teams wisely

The starting Common players that you are given when you register via this link will come from these teams. Prioritising teams with good goalkeepers is essential, as hopefully, you will be lucky enough to be given 1 or 2 handy Common GKs.  If you can choose teams in different Sorare regions that have various season start/end dates, this could potentially provide you with a Common goalkeeper you can use all year round in the, 'Rare' scarcity competitions.

Sign up to Sorare Data – this is an invaluable tool for scouting players

Prioritise the following when using Sorare Data to scout for players:

  • DNP’s – Aim to purchase players that play >70% of their team’s last 15 games
  • Filter to scores >45 on last 15 and last 40 games
  • Aim for players with a high, ‘All Around Score’, (10 + is ideal)
  • Use Common Keeper in the ASR division

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All Star Rare – try hitting the threshold target each Game Week

Players from less attractive regions, (America, Asia, Challenger Europe) can be entered into ASR and ASL. Use these players to win the higher value Champion Europe and U23 rewards.

Aim for quality over quantity

It is better to enter one team that has a good chance of hitting a reward in the All Star divisions than trying to expand too quickly and regret purchases you have made.

Aim for two players per position to cover for injuries/suspensions

Using a Common goalkeeper in ASR is a good strategy rather than looking to buy 2 x Rare GK’s initially.

Choose Captain in SO5 fantasy contests wisely

This must be a player who starts a high % of matches, (80%+), has a high level of consistency, (>15 AA scores) and a historic ability to hit peak scores

Buy two defenders

Defenders are usually the cheapest position and the scoring matrix suits them well. Centre-backs generally score better than full-backs.

Stack your players

Going for a GK and Defender combination from one team is an effective way to build a strong score for your team. Goalkeepers are awarded 30 points for a clean sheet and defenders receive 10 points. A defensive stack that yield a clean sheet is therefore worth 40 points – which is excellent.

Scout undervalued players & time your purchases

Players that are injured, out of form or in their off-season will often be attainable at a lower rate than they would be usually. If you are patient, they can offer good opportunities to buy at lower prices.




Ultimately, I feel that Sorare can still be a very lucrative platform to join if you are prepared to work to a set plan and strategy.

There are a number of other ways that you can play the game and by no means are the two routes I have suggested above ‘the only way’. However, as a new manager joining the game, I hope that these ideas can help you formulate a route to starting on your new adventure!



On and off Sorare since February 2021. Having fun and making ETH along the way!