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Sorare. What Players To Invest In MLS Before Off-Season?

MLS regular season is coming to an end. It means that the cheapest time to buy players from Major Soccer League on Sorare is two-three weeks from now. Starting to load up on them even now to save a few quid when they go up in prices once their season begins next year (February 2022) won't be a mistake either. In this article, I will give you a few tips on what areas to address when buying players in the off-season and throw a few names at you worth buying in my opinion. 

There are several tips that will help you build a cheap strong squad for the upcoming season or understand what the possible traps are.


Inconsistency of the League

Unlike many European leagues, MLS doesn’t have teams that are able to dominate for 2-3 years or more. Columbus, who became the champions last year, have almost lost chances to reach the playoffs this year. LAFC, after a very successful campaign in CONCACAF Champions League, are rebuilding their team with Rossi moving to Turkey and Vela being injured for more than a half of the season.

Of course, there are exceptions like the Seattle Sounders, who manage to stay consistent and play well enough to hit the semifinals almost every year.


Don't be afraid of investing in players from the bottom clubs. Very often the situation in MLS changes drastically from year to year, and it is really hard to predict who is going to shine next season.


Long-term Injured 

Akinola, Toronto FC

A risky kind of investment as we don’t know whether these players will be able to regain their level that they possessed before the injury. Nevertheless, I believe some of these guys are definitely worth investing in as most of them should be ready to play in the first half of the next season. This is the list of MLS players who were starters for their clubs before their long-term injuries.

  • Ayo Akinola (Toronto)
  • Aaron Long (NYRB)
  • Emerson Hyndman (Atlanta)
  • Kevin Molino (Columbus)
  • Eddie Segura (LAFC)
  • Eryk Williamson (Portland)



Looking for underperforming players and investing in them hoping for a turnaround based on historical data is a sensible investment strategy as they can be resold for a good profit once they start firing on all cylinders again. 

Rodolfo Pizarro (Inter Miami) — playmaker and Designated player of one of the main disappointments of the season - Inter Miami. I expected at least a playoff spot from Neville’s side but once again we only saw bad defense, poor management and unconvincing performances from star players. The rumors are that some of the Designated players will leave the team, but my bet is that Pizarro stays, as he could be the right person to build the team around.

Lucas Zelarayan (Columbus) — 2020 MLS Cup’s MVP started the season being priced at the same level with Carles Gil. Now the Revolution playmaker is 10 times more expensive while their teams are at the opposite sides of the table. Statistically speaking, this year is not much worse for the Armenian midfielder as he has 8+4 in 29 games after having 6+7 in 17 games last year.

Jesus Medina (New York City) — the best season for the Paraguayan player but a season of two halves. 7 of his 9 goals were scored in the first 14 MLS games but now, at the end of the year, even his starting spot seems to be in danger. New York City have had a very powerful attack in the recent seasons, so you should expect decent scores from Medina if he stays in the team and regains his confidence.

Matt Hedges (Dallas) — in recent years, Dallas’ defense looked one of the most solid in the league and Hedges has been the main brick in the wall. This season everything went wrong — defense has been bad with or without Hedges who was injured for 2 months. In the previous seasons, Matt had very impressive scores including all-around ones. I believe that he can bounce back now and next season he will be able to score 55-60 points consistently even his team doesn’t keep clean sheets.

Cecilio Dominguez (Austin) — Austin forward has 7+4 with two games to go but we expected more from the new MLS-side after a good start. Unfortunately, the second half of the season was much worse both in defense and attack even despite Driussi’s transfer. However, you’re able to buy a starting forward who has 10+ attacking returns this season for around 0.06, isn’t it a bargain?

Diego Rubio (Colorado Rapids) — one more forward on our list and probably the riskiest pick. Impressive start of the season, then undisclosed injury, rumors about a possible transfer back to Chile, several games on the bench and now Diego is back in contention. He even managed to score again Timbers. The situation with his future in MLS is unclear, but the Chilean striker is one of those who is worth such kind of a gamble.

Expansion Draft

Charlotte FC Logo

Ahead of their inaugural season, FC Charlotte will participate in the Expansion Draft, where they will pick five players from other teams.

Current clubs are able to protect 12 players from the Expansion Draft, and only one player may be selected from each club. This procedure can’t affect your teams and investments seriously but you definitely should be aware of it.



The off-season is often the time to buy players cheaper. MLS players have always been a good bang-for-your-buck investment. Cheaper than their European colleagues most of the time, many of them are capable of consistent point returns. I will be following up this article with more, recommending MLS players, proven assets and exciting prospects alike. Take care and feel free to leave a comment or a question below. 



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