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Ultimate Guide To SorareData

There are many ways to research players to buy on Sorare.  You can use the search options in Sorare, but these can be quite limited.  You can also look at websites like TransferMarkt or Sofascore to find detailed statistics on the players.  However, one of the more critical and widely acclaimed resources is SorareData.


What is SorareData?

SorareData is a resource created by Maxime Hagenbourger (@MaximeHg) that gives users an enormous amount of information on all aspects of the platform.  Sorare is built on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore, all market detail is currently available by scanning the Ethereum network.  By pulling all this information, you can find everything from player scores and prices to Gameweek scores of every manager in Sorare!


My Profile & Gallery

The first area I will take a look at is what information you can view regarding your own account status.  I’m going to share some screenshots of my own pages to demonstrate some of this. 

The gallery page shows a full breakdown of your account.  It gives a valuation of your roster, which is based on the lower figure of recent sales or market price at that moment, shows you how many cards you own and their individual prices.  As you can see on the menu bar in the middle, there are multiple other pages you can access.  Some are self-explanatory, but I’m going to delve into three.  The first is SO5 Stats.

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SO5 Stats

On this page, you can see a full breakdown of what you have earned from your Gameweeks.  The Total ETH earnings is the sum of all the threshold payments you have won through All Star Rare (Old Division 4) plus any top 3 finishes you may have had.  I like to have a look at this as it helps me keep perspective on how my progress is going.  Additionally, you can see the cards you have won in the various Gameweeks along with their value.  My total winnings from the SO5 leagues total 0.43Eth, which is currently valued at £1,300 (based on current Eth prices).


Manager Stats

The Manager Stats area shows you a breakdown of your market activity.  It’s a screen that I don’t think gets enough attention, but I think it’s a great way to view how much you have made from sales and purchases.  It breaks down how many auctions you have won, how much you have spent on the auctions and then how much you have spent on buying cards from other managers, and most importantly, how much you have earned in sales. 

I have spent 0.65Eth on the auctions and 5.02Eth on manager trades, for a total of 5.67Eth spent.  I’ve made 5.71Eth on the sales of cards, for a profit of 0.04Eth.  Then factor in the roster and Eth on hand, it helps demonstrate how much of a positive (or negative) position I am in.  As I’m all about making money on Sorare, this is a vital tool for me.


SO5 Results

The SO5 Results page gives an overview of your Gameweek.  This shows my current Gameweek (214).  It shows you the scores in each league you have entered along with any players you still have to play and your current position.  When you click on the individual leagues, it will show you the scores for each player in the game and, perhaps most importantly, it will show you how close you are to winning a prize in that league!  This will help you keep track of how well your Gameweek is going and if you really need to watch a certain game to support your player in the hunt for a prize!

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How to Search for Players

Perhaps one of the greatest facilities on SorareData is the Scout/Player Finder facility.

On this page, you can set various parameters to find the right player for you.  You can firstly choose by position, league and even age.  Then you can set it to search based on the number of games the player has recently played, along with a minimum score.  This is my absolute go-to in terms of searching for players for trading with and my SO5 squads. 

As you can see in the screenshot, you can even look at the longer-term picture of the last 40 games the player has had, as well as a current snapshot of the last 5.  This is key to finding active, regular starters to help you avoid the dreaded DNPs appearing in your scores.  You can use this to find all types of card scarcity (Limited, Rares, etc.) and even set it to be within your budget.  This way, you can find the right mix for what you are looking to achieve in your squad.  When you find the player for you, you can click on the player to find more details regarding them.

On the player screen, you get a quick snapshot of their average price in all card types along with their recent average scores.  From here, you can then click into the various menu options which will give you a more detailed look in to their scores for individual games, current auctions and manager listings, their prices over time and so much more.  This can all help you decide if this player is for you.


SO5 – Tracking the Gameweek

The final section I’m going to look at is the S05 menu and the Gameweek Centre.  This is another area possibly overlooked or just not explored enough by some.

In the Gameweek Centre, you will find everything there is to know about the current (or past) Gameweek.  The first page will show all the games which are covered in the period, where there are active cards being played.  If the game is finished, it will show the scores and if it is still to be played, it will show what time it is due to be played.  I find this helpful in order to track some of the matches at a glance. 

An interesting thing that I like to do is have a look at how some of my friends are currently doing in the Gameweek.  The way to do that is on the Rankings menu.  Here, there is an option to search for a manager to see how they are doing.  So if you like to see how your friends or your favourite “whale” is doing, this is how!



Overall, if you are a manager on Sorare, you simply MUST be using SorareData or you are not doing yourself any justice.  While SorareData is a free resource, it is absolutely one I would happily pay for given how much help and assistance it’s provided me through my journey.  You can give donations on their page also, if you are feeling altruistic.  My only caveat would be that if you are searching for players on SorareData, please ensure you do further research through some of the other sites like TransferMarkt or Sofascore to give you a fuller picture of the player.


Feel free to find me on Twitter (@SorareOnABudget), on YouTube or drop me a line in the comment section below if you have any questions on how to use this wonderful tool. 

Sorare On a Budget

Sorare On a Budget

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