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1 year ago

The FanTeam Rookie Blog: Episode 2

Welcome back to my Daily Fantasy Rookie Blog - I'm Rob, and I'm here to share the journey of navigating my way through daily fantasy with you as a rookie. Last week, I went through the basic rules to try and live by as a beginner to daily fantasy. To briefly remind you of the premise, I will be starting with a bankroll of €100 and attempting to raise that bankroll through strategically playing through the various daily fantasy games in FanTeam. It could go either way. Hopefully, I can build a healthy bankroll and share the success. There's also the chance I crash and burn - but if I do, I'll be sharing my learnings so that hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and profit.  

Before we get into my first game which will be entries into the first ever Championship €20,000 Main Event on Fanteam, lets briefly go through the set of rules highlighted last week in Episode 1. 


Reminder - The Key Rules

1. Read and understand the rules and nuances of the game. 

2. Stick to sports you have knowledge of. 

3. Research. 

4. Choose a Strategy. 

5. Stay within your financial means - don't chase your losses and play responsibly. 


As mentioned above, I will be playing the Championship Main Event in my first competition of the season. With regards to rule 2, I am a huge football fan and support a Championship team (Barnsley), so this is definitely a sport that I would have some confidence in analysing. Of course, this by no means indicates that I'll analyse it correctly, but it may give me an edge. A factor to consider for non-regular watchers of Championship football is that its hugely volatile and unpredictable - as you'll see shortly!

That just makes point 3 all the more important.

But lets get into what I have discovered by following these rules, and see if it can provide you with any guidance if you choose to enter yourselves.

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Step 1 — The Rules of the Championship Main Event

The first Championship Main Event (think weekly monster for Premier League) takes place this Saturday just utilising the eight fixtures that take place at 3pm on Saturday. This means that most of the teams tipped to perform well in the Championship this season (West Brom, Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Fulham) are not included as they don't play at 3pm.

  • £88m budget for a squad of 11 players.
  • Stacking penalty in play. 
  • Safety net enabled.
  • 3 players per club. 

The key rules that don't apply in the season long game are the stacking penalty and the safety net. The stacking penalty means that if you select more than 1 defender from the same team and they keep a clean sheet, you will gain full clean sheet points for your first defender from that club, but then each subsequent defender will get 1 point deducted from their clean sheet. From my perspective, I would always limit myself to 2 defenders maximum from a club. Only selecting one could mean needing to pinpoint at least 4 separate clean sheets which is a challenge, particulalry with this set of fixtures, but a triple defence will see you lose 3 points from your clean sheet haul. 2 seems the appropriate balance/limit to me.

The safety net is a particularly useful feature in that if any of your players don't start, they will be replaced by the next cheapest asset from the same club in the same division. This could be particularly handy this week. For example, Kieffer Moore is the most expensively priced striker for Cardiff but is viewed as doubtful due to a lack of training in pre-season after a bout of COVID, and transfer rumours as he is linked with a Premier League move. Starting him in your main event squad gives you the best of both worlds. If he doesn't play, James Collins is a more than capable replacement. It's best to start with the higher priced asset that's risky if you are happy with the quality of the asset that would be likely to replace them.

Another tip - I would also filter the player availability dropdown to 'all' rather than 'available'. Sometimes players are incorrectly flagged - and this is where the importance of your own research can be helpful. 

Step 2 — Researching the fixtures

When it comes to research, this can be time-consuming. Information at Championship level is nowhere near as prevalent as information for Premier League fixtures. But to be successful, it feels like its an important step to take. Looking into any potential injuries or transfer rumours feels vital - particularly in the COVID environment. Club twitter accounts tend to be a good avenue to identify this information, or searching twitter using the club's hashtag. Transfer rumours could also indicate players likely to be left out.

The one step that is potentially more accessible to help you in your decision making is bookmaker odds. While I have used SkyBet, there are many sites to research this. In this particular case, they are a little less helpful that might commonly be the case. The only club who are odds-on for a victory with the bookmakers are Huddersfield, who travel to Derby County.

Derby are in evident financial ruin and struggling to field eleven men. While Huddersfield are expected to struggle this season, the bookies are expecting them to win comfortably and that is reflected in the pricing within FanTeam. However, be aware there have been murmurings of some COVID struggles within the West Yorkshire club, so there is still an element of risk involved. They will certainly be involved in some of the stacks within my teams.

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Aside from them, the teams playing against the promoted clubs are relatively short priced, but I think all are risky. Luton host Peterborough, Bristol City host Blackpool and Preston host Hull, meaning all promoted sides are away from home - but I'd consider all of the games relatively close. As a fan of Barnsley, I would look to attack Cardiff in quite a few drafts. Barnsley have a new manager and have lost key players, and I think the bookies are weary due to Barnsley's run to the playoffs last season. Personally, I'm expecting Cardiff to win and will be looking to have at least 2 Cardiff players in a few drafts.


Step 3 — Choose a strategy

I discussed the different strategies available within my previous article and the approach I'm taking is the 'taking it seriously' strategy. I will be entering 5 teams into the 2 euro competition and hoping to take away some kind of overall profit. At least 3 of my teams will be built around similar teams (Huddersfield, Cardiff, and a sprinkling of others), while I will likely swing against them in a couple of teams as a bit of a safety net. 

A reminder to look for stacks - the bonus part points you'll gain for your teams winning could be the difference between a profit and a loss

Try to avoid picking players that play against each other and try to nail down some 90 minute men to ensure you are able to gain the extra point for your midfielders and attackers completing the game. 


An example team

I will share one of my five teams here. There will be some variations amongst the other four teams, but this is the team that I feel most confident in approaching the fixtures. I have picked players from 5 teams - 3 from Huddersfield as the bookmakers favourite team for the week, and then 4 stacks of 2.