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11 months ago

The FanTeam Rookie Blog: Episode 4

Welcome back to my Daily Fantasy Rookie Blog — I'm Rob, and I'm here to share the journey of navigating my way through daily fantasy with you as a rookie. We're off to a disappointing start but in reality, that's good. That gives us plenty of opportunities to learn, and that's what I intend to do.  

To briefly remind you of the premise, I will be starting with a bankroll of €100, attempting to raise that bankroll through strategically playing through the various daily fantasy games in FanTeam. It could go either way. Hopefully, I can build a healthy bankroll and share the success. There's also the chance I crash and burn — but if I do, I'll be sharing my learnings so that hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and profit.  

Before we get into the results from last week's GW1 Premier League Monster and the learnings that I have taken away from it and then look at our options for Gameweek 2, let's remember the key rules. 


Reminder — The Key Rules

1. Read and understand the rules and nuances of the game. 

2. Stick to sports you have knowledge of. 

3. Research. 

4. Choose a Strategy. 

5. Stay within your financial means — don't chase your losses and play responsibly. 

I won't go through those rules in detail again — but please look at the previous episodes if there are any factors of the game or the methodology that I'm talking about that you don't understand. 

Read more: https://draftgym.com/the-dfs-rookie-blog-episode-1




BALANCE: 89.70

No free tickets to contribute this week and pull me out of the mire, I had a really disappointing week with none of my 5 teams finishing in the money and taking 10% of my bankroll away. The hauls from so many players caused problems for me and meant that even in the teams where captains hauled, I wasn't quite able to reach the cash. The positives are that I can see clear learnings,  but I'm also going to reach out to some of the more experienced members of the DraftGym team to take some expert advice and try to increase my output going into GW2. 

I purchased five entries into the 2 Monster and had my highest-ranked team (1875th place) with 75pts, and my lowest ranked at 4882th with 54.6.