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11 months ago

The FanTeam Rookie Blog: Episode 5

Welcome back to my Daily Fantasy Rookie Blog — I'm Rob, and I'm here to share the journey of navigating my way through daily fantasy with you as a rookie. We're off to a disappointing start but in reality, that's good. That gives us plenty of opportunities to learn, and that's what I intend to do.  

To briefly remind you of the premise, I will be starting with a bankroll of €100, attempting to raise that bankroll through strategically playing through the various daily fantasy games in FanTeam. It could go either way. Hopefully, I can build a healthy bankroll and share the success. There's also the chance I crash and burn — but if I do, I'll be sharing my learnings so that hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and profit.  

We had slightly better results in Gameweek 2 - but still, a net loss, Considering the lack of big returns from the major captaincy options, I'm relatively heartened by the effort, if not the end financial result. Let's get to it! 


Reminder — The Key Rules

1. Read and understand the rules and nuances of the game. 

2. Stick to sports you have knowledge of. 

3. Research. 

4. Choose a Strategy. 

5. Stay within your financial means — don't chase your losses and play responsibly. 

I won't go through those rules in detail again — but please look at the previous episodes if there are any factors of the game or the methodology that I'm talking about that you don't understand. 

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BALANCE: 85.61

No free tickets to contribute this week. I cashed with 2 of the 5 teams and came close to cashing with others. This week felt tricky. The big hauls from Said Benrahma and Michail Antonio helped me to make a small cash with one of my teams but I only had them in 1 of my 5 entries, which ultimately was the downfall in terms of breaking even.

The big captaincy options from Manchester City and Manchester United didn't really deliver - congratulations to those who took the gamble that Mason Greenwood would outscore Bruno Fernandes which paid off. That meant those that really targeted perhaps a differential Manchester City defensive captain or the aforementioned Michael Antonio really cashed in. 

What I've identified to touch on this week isn't so much "learnings", but a few discussion points, for sure. As shown below, I achieved small cashes with a couple of teams and narrowly missed out with a couple of others. 




The reason I have showcased this particular entry is that I avoided the obvious captaincy teams in Manchester City and Manchester United and was able to cash. Obviously this paid off as none of the Manchester City or United attacking players 'went big', and I was able to at least match them with Raphinha who was much more of a differential.

These 'differential teams' swerving the main captaincy are something that will obviously not pay off every time, but it's probably worth having at least 1 entry of this nature each week and maybe consider more. Going against the obvious picks and hoping that they struggle to deliver could be a good way of hoping to secure a big cash at some stage.

I am pleased with myself that I largely followed the structure and rules that I made for myself in Episode 4 around defensive costs, being consistent with captaincy, etc. In the highlighted team, a lot of players ticked rather than any explosivity and that can be a good method to gaining consistent small cashes.


Rules I'm following (from episode 4):

  • Consistent Captaincy Picks (3 max, but ideally 2)
  • Limit GK Spend (under £8.5m due to the low upside of the high priced keepers)
  • Consider team build (attack/captaincy, clean sheet stacks, explosive differentials)
  • Try & project ownership


Talking point: The safety net

This is something that had crossed my mind a lot since I started the rookie blog - and it's really sprung to my attention as a result of the Gameweek 2 Monster.

The safety net is a feature that at times can be great. It allows you to take gambles on some differential explosive picks that might be doubtful, knowing that you will get a good option in to replace them if they don't play. An example of this from GW2 would have been Ben Chilwell who was automatically replaced by Marcos Alonso, or Riyad Mahrez who would be auto-replaced by Jack Grealish. 

In fact, the winner of the 2 euro monster this week benefitted from 3 automatic substitutions, as shown here.