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The Football Club — Ultimate Guide for the New Metaverse Fantasy Game

Today I’d like to introduce you to The Football Club – a fantasy football game with digital collectibles set in a metaverse, where prizes can be won by playing daily fantasy games with fully licensed players and clubs from Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 (more to come in the near future). In this article, I will explain what The Football Club (TFC) is, how to play the fantasy game and how to acquire and trade licensed digital collectibles. I will talk a little bit about what NFCs and cryptocurrency have to do with the project as well. 


Important note:  the project is still in beta, so certain things are liable to change as the project evolves. The white paper for TFC can be found here. All the information provided below is accurate at the time of writing. I will be updating this guide as new features appear or changes are made on the platform.


What is The Football Club?

The Football Club (TFC) is the first football metaverse based on avatars & licensed digital collectibles and competitions. The team behind the project defines it as

«a blockchain-based fantasy platform that is free to play to play to earn»

The platform allows you to collect, trade, buy and sell officially licensed digital items and participate in different football fantasy games and trivia to win officially licensed NFTs from major football clubs in the world. Currently, Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are covered and fully licensed with more teams and leagues to be announced in the future.

Create your digital fan identity and compete against others worldwide. Collect & win rare NFT items that you truly own and trade them to earn real profit.



To play the game, you must download the TFC app via AppStore or Playmarket. When you register, you are asked to create a football manager avatar to represent your identity on the platform. Your avatar gives you a chance to show off unique NFT lifestyle items that you are able to win or buy on the platform. You truly own any digital asset on the platform and can sell it for real money on the in-game marketplace.

I will cover how the fantasy game and the market work in the sections below.

Your in-game avatar can get experience points for participating in Challenges (fantasy tournaments) on the platform. More experience will allow you to get into some special tournaments in the future. Now manager experience is more of an indicator of how active you are on the platform.

There are also Weekly, Monthly and All-Time manager leaderboards accessible via your profile screen at the bottom-left corner or by directly clicking the Ranking button. 


The TFC Fantasy Game

Every week, there are multiple fantasy football tournaments to enter (some of them free to play, some of them with certain requirements, more on that later), where you can win coins, digital assets and earn XP for your avatar. There are more than 1000 licensed players from Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 on the platform available at the time of writing, with both single and multiple-game daily fantasy games on offer in the lobby.

As seen in many similar fantasy games, a manager is asked to select a team of 5 or 11 players (challenge dependant) under a specified budget. The results of these daily fantasy games (referred to as challenges on TFC) are based on the players' scores (experience points) in real-life performance. 


How to enter contests

Every week, there are free-to-play tournaments available. Any manager registered on the platform may enter a team there completely free of charge. Digital collectibles and in-game currency (coins) can be won in these tournaments. You may spend coins to acquire digital NFT jerseys of your favorite clubs, team packs containing club memorabilia and cool items for your avatar. All you need to do to enter is simply click the tournament and then hit "Join Challenge". 

Owning a digital NFT-collectible of your favorite club sounds exciting, but how exactly do they help you play fantasy?

Official club jerseys grant your access to challenges with bigger and better prizes compared to free-to-play games

The packs (usually available during Pack Drops) you buy for money contain different items of different scarcities, with every pack containing at least one club jersey. Jerseys can also be bought on the in-game market as well for fiat currencies.

Upon clicking any Challenge, key information about the tournament will be displayed, such as the entry requirements, tournament capacity, manager minimum level, team size, player limit and the prizes on offer. 



Team Selection Screen

Once you click "Join Challenge", you are taken to the team selection screen. There are tabs with Players on fire, Scoring monsters, Staff picks, etc., on the team selection screen, which makes it easier for a manager to draft a team even in a league he is not very familiar with.

Every player has his position, price (referred as score on TFC), club and shirt number easily visible once you click Add player (the  «+» icon) while on team selection screen.

Clicking any player will bring up a detailed screen with the player’s performance history, underlying stats, including goals, shots on target, duels won, etc. as well as his team’s recent form. You may also follow the player and some of them even have a button that takes you to their Instagram account!

To add a player to your lineup, you have to press «+» next to his picture. You will then see the remaining budget available. You will be able to change your team even after you have registered it, so feel free to tinker as long as you stay within the budget, referred as Score cap on TFC.

Team Limit and Formation

There are 9 formations available at the time of writing, ranging from 3-5-2 to 5-4-1, giving a manager a lot of flexibility when it comes to team creation. You may change it by clicking the corresponding button in the lower-right corner of team selection screen.

You also have to meet another requirement of not fielding more than 3 or 4 (challenge-dependent) players from the same team. You will get an error message if you exceed the limit while drafting your team.

You may also apply «Superpowers» to your players (the analogy for selecting a captain in traditional fantasy games, boosting the selected player’s score), provided you have a digital item to do so. These items have a limited number of usage, as stated on the website.


Scoring Matrix

The most important aspect of almost any fantasy game is understanding how players score points. The TFC scoring matrix is rather substantial, with many actions a player performs on the pitch taken into consideration. Let’s look at the chart below.

Player Score Zone XP Zone Start XP Zone End
30-60 -100 0
60-80 0 120
80-92 120 240
92-95 240 300
95-99 300 420
99-100 420 480

Score zone is the range of points your player will get depending on his XP in a given game (XP = points for real-life actions on the pitch). Every player you have selected for your fantasy team starts on 60 points, which corresponds to an XP of 0. Players will accumulate positive and negative points for their real-life performances on the football pitch. Technically, if your player has a very bad game, he can score less than 60 points

Your player will get between 60 and 80 points if he gets between 0 and 120 XP during the game and so on. 

For example, a player receives +1 XP for a complete pass and loses -1 XP for a bad pass. A player will lose -3 XP for being caught offside but will gain +3 XP for a successfull cross. A goal will yield a forward +80 XP and +100 XP for a defender etc.

The maximum score your player may get is 100, which equates to nearly 480 XP points during that game. The detailed TFC scoring matrix can be found here


Prizes, Entry Limits and Jerseys

The jerseys are your tickets to special tournaments – the more expensive the jersey, the better the prizes and fewer competitors. Currently, you can’t buy more than 1 copy of an item, by the way, meaning nobody can monopolize the market by buying all the jerseys of a certain player. 

Typically, the more expensive challenges will allow fewer participants than the cheaper ones. For example, for this week's Bundesliga GW36 tournament taking place on May 14, 2022, the first prize in the lowest-paid Jersey Challenge (Uncommon scarcity, capped at 480 participants) is 750 FUSD&4 Jersey Bags, with the first 100 managers in the prize zone. The Unique Jersey challenge is capped at 26 participants with 5000 FUSD (is roughly $3600 at the time of writing) for first.

You might be asking what FUSD stands for? I will get into it in the NFT section below.

Virtual Stadium

All participants enter the virtual stadium during live games to follow player actions in real-time. You may interact with other users and track your players' scores while watching your favourite sports teams live! Get ready for some exciting times watching your players accumulate fantasy points and your team climbing the ranks. 


NFTs and Blockchain

This section might be the most trying for those unfamiliar with the crypto world and digital assets. I assume most of you have probably heard about crypto in one way or the other if you haven't been living under a rock for the past ten years or so. I am no expert in these things by any stretch but will shed some light on what powers the platform and how it operates. In the paragraphs below, I will discuss how coins and jersey packs can be acquired on the marketplace, why you need a crypto wallet to play the game and how to get one. But first things first — a little reminder about what an NFT actually is.


What is NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset that represents in-game items — licensed real-life football clubs memorabilia if we are talking about The Football Club project. These assets can be bought and sold online using the Blockchain Technology. Every NFT has a unique code to create «digital scarcity» with proof of ownership.

Blockchain Technology

A blockchain, a database shared between nodes of a computer network, stores information electronically in digital format. A blockchain holds a decentralized record of transactions and guarantees the security of a record of data.  A blockchain accumulates information in groups of blocks that are linked to previous blocks once full. No single person has control over these blocks of records, instead, all users collectively control it.​

The Football Club is on the Flow Blockchain. It is characterized by rapid transaction speed, near-zero CO2 emissions, and nearly free transactions. 

You will find a lot more in-depth information on Wikipedia or YouTube if you want to get educated on the subject of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchains. 


Marketplace and Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital NFT items. You need a wallet to buy NFT items as well.  TFC uses the smart contract wallet of Blocto. The smart contract wallet is programmed to provide bank-grade security, as well as account recovery, fraud protection, and setting withdrawal limits. A word of note, Blocto is not compatible with other non-smart contract wallets


Adding Funds 

You need  FUSD in your wallet to buy an NFT on The Football Club marketplace. FUSD is a US Dollar-backed stablecoin issued as a fungible token on the Flow network. How can you top up your wallet with FUSD? Currently, there are three options available. 

Top-up via Blocto

  • Firstly, you need to buy FLOW in the Blocto APP or send FLOW to your wallet via another Exchange (Kucoin or Kraken, for example)
  • Secondly, you swap FLOW to FUSD via Blocto
  • Now you may buy packs on the TFC Marketplace.

Other options to top up your wallet include Ramp (a third-party integration where you can send FUSD to your wallet via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or bank transfer) or sending funds from a crypto exchange.



That is the place where all the goodies, including announced Drops, may be bought. Click the NFT Shop button found at the bottom of your TFC app to see various items for your avatar that can be bought with coins in the TFC fan shop.  

Clicking Marketplace will take you to the page where all the upcoming and expired drops are listed. At the top-right of the screen, you will see the Wallet Connect button which will allow you to attach your Blocto wallet to your TFC account. 

The marketplace is also accessible via the TFC website, you will find more Jersey listed there for any manager to buy directly. 

Pack Drops

Limited edition item drops are announced via email, Discord and on TFC social media. The drop can be accessed in the marketplace by clicking the item's preview picture.


The Waiting Room

The waiting room opens one hour before the drop. There is no need to be the first but the waiting room helps ensure that everyone interested has a fair and equal chance to purchase a pack.


The Queue

Two minutes before the drop the system will randomly assign each collector in the waiting room a place in the queue. You will be informed about your spot and will be automatically redirected when it's your turn to purchase. In cases of a sellout, your place in the queue will largely determine whether you’ll be able to purchase an item or not.


The Football Club is a young and ambitious metaverse project centered around digital NFT memorabilia. Officially licensed clubs and players as well as the strong fantasy element add to the appeal. It is easy to get into, and with more leagues to be announced in the near future, there are high hopes of it becoming more and more popular with football fans around the globe. Here are some of the standout elements of TFC:

  • Daily fantasy games with officially licensed teams and players
  •  Free to play tournaments with NFTs and other prizes to be won
  • Personalized 3D avatar sporting unique NFT items
  • Buying and selling NFTs on the marketplace for profit
  • Virtual stadium to keep an eye on your fantasy team live
  • No season-long commitment, start any week of the season


Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

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