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The Sun Dream Team Fantasy Football Game Guide

The Sun Dream Team is a fantasy football game based on the English Premier League players’ performances. Unlike almost all other season-long games, this one includes the results of not only the EPL games but of a lot of other tournaments as well. In this article, we will take a closer look at the rules and explain how the game works. 


Who is Eligible to Play

You are eligible to play the game if you are 18 years or older. What is more, you should be the resident of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland and be located in one of these countries.

To start playing in the tournament you have to register an Account. Unless you already have it, you can create one on or using their mobile app.

You are allowed to enter a maximum of 10 teams in total into the tournament. All teams you register are automatically included in the Season League and are in contention to win money prizes.



All the games in the following tournaments are taken into consideration when calculating fantasy points for your players:

  • the English Premier League,
  • FA Cup,
  • UEFA Champions League,
  • UEFA Europa League,
  • the Carabao Cup (also known as the EFL Cup).

International football games are not counted towards your players' scores, so your players won’t get any fantasy points playing for their country.

All the games of the Champions League and the Europa League QUALIFYING rounds are not eligible either but the play-off rounds are. 

The whole season consists of time periods which are called Game Weeks.

A Game Week is referred to as a set of football matches that take place between 07:00:00 on the relevant Friday to 06:59:59 the following Friday. A Player may play more than once in any Game Week.


Scoring System

All Players

Event Points
Goal scored 5
Hat-trick (3 or more goals) 5
Assist 2
WhoScored Star Man 5
WhoScored 7+ Rating 3
Yellow Card -1
Red Card -3
Penalty Saved or Missed -3

Defenders and Goalies

Event Points
Clean Sheet 5
Two Goals Conceded -1
Each Goal Conceded Over 2 Goals -1

Goalies and Forwards

Event Points
Penalty Save or Miss 3 or -3


The Sun fantasy football uses the OPTA statistics to define whether an assist should be awarded to a player. An assist is awarded in the following situations:

  • A Player is making a pass creating an open play situation for his teammate who scores a goal
  • A Player is taking a set piece (a corner, a throw-in or a free kick) and the goal is scored directly by his team-mate
  • A Player is shooting or making a pass which results in the player from the opposite team scoring an own goal

An assist is given to a player who is awarded a penalty which is taken and scored by his team-mate. If this player scores a penalty himself, he is not awarded with an assist.



If a player receives two yellow cards, he will get -3 points, the same amount of points as he receives one red card.

The same amount of points (-3) will be deducted from the player’s score in case he gets a yellow card and then receives a ‘straight’ red card in the same game.

The points of your fantasy players won’t be changed even if the Football Association or any other body decides to overrule any yellow or red card.

If the player receives a yellow card while sitting on the bench, he will have the points deducted from his score only if he comes on to the pitch during the game.


WhoScored Player Ratings and Star Man

As far as bonus points are concerned, the game relies on the players match ratings. Bonus points for the Star Man and rating above 7.0 will be allocated to the players according to whoscored's rating system.

The Star Man is a player from one of the two competing teams who has the highest rating in a particular game.

There are few games when Opta and Whoscored information is not available. Therefore, the Sun Dream Team player ratings and points will be input manually using the criteria utilized by the websites.


Penalty Save or Miss

The goalkeeper is awarded 3 points if the goal is not scored directly from the penalty spot regardless of whether it was a goalkeeper’s save or a player’s miss.

The points for Penalty Save or Miss will be given to the players even when the goal is scored from the rebound after a penalty kick. This goal is assessed as an ordinary open goal in this case.


Clean sheets and goals conceded

  • The clean sheet rule used in The Sun Fantasy Football is quite different from almost every other fantasy football game out there.

  • Any player involved in a game has a chance of getting points for a clean sheet. The only thing needed is their team not conceding a single goal during the game. Unlike all other well-known fantasy games, it is not necessary for a player to play for more than 60 minutes to receive clean sheet points.

  • The same rule stands for the games where extra time is applicable while all the goals, saves, and misses do not have any impact on the scoring system.

There is no captaincy option in the game meaning none of your player's scores will be doubled


While it might be extremely hard beating hundred of thousands playing the game, it might be worth the effort. The prizes for the very best are fantastic! Top-5 players get the following prizes:

Sund Dream Team Prize Pool


The points scored for each Manager’s team in each Game Week are accumulated throughout the Regular Season. The winners of the Season Competition are determined according to their team's overall positions in this leaderboard at the end of the Regular Season.



Football is impossible without transfers. You have to bring in new players at various stages of the season to stay competitive. The Sun Dream Team transfers are no different allowing you to bring an influx of new blood on a regular basis. Each user has 3 transfers available per Transfer Period. They are given to managers on the first Friday of each calendar month.


Transfer Period

Transfer Allowance

Transfers Credited

Transfers Expire

Pre Scoring



Start of first PL game



Start of first PL game

02/10/2020 06:59



2/10/2020 07:00

06/11/2020 06:59



06/11/2020 07:00

04/12/2020 06:59



04/12/2020 07:00

01/01/2021 06:59



01/01/2021 07:00

05/02/2021 06:59



05/02/2021 07:00

05/03/2021 06:59



05/03/2021 07:00

02/04/2021 06:59


5 02/04/2021 07:00 07/05/2021 06:59


5 07/05/2021 07:00 29/05/2021 20:00


A solid foundation — a well-constructed team at season start — is key to your overall success. Transfers you are given might seem plenty, but you shouldn't be wasteful with any of these thinking each move you make through.

There are two types of transfers in the Sun fantasy manager – eligible and pending

An eligible transfer takes place when you transfer a player in for another player and both of them haven't yet played in the Game Week you are making your transfer in. In this case, the transfer comes into effect immediately.

A pending transfer takes place when you transfer in a player for another player and at least one of them had already played a game during the Game Week you are making your transfer in. In this case, the transfer comes into effect before at the start of the following Game Week.

All pending transfers are confirmed every Friday.

You could cancel any of your transfers up to the point when either of the players taking part in the transfer has started his game in the given Game Week or once a new Game Week on Friday has started. After this, transfers cannot be reversed.

Every manager has to use five transfers before 06.59.59 on the first Friday of the following month. The transfers you don't use are not carried over to your next transfer period.

Like in all fantasy games, every user has an unlimited amount of transfers before the first deadline of the season.


Budget and Player Prices

Players are impossible to buy without money both in the real and fantasy world. At the start of the season, you are given a budget of £50m (they are fictional money, in case you were wondering).

Prices for players will change during the season.  That means that the value of your squad may differ from the initial budget as the season unfolds.  

Any changes in price are made on the basis of players' performance. The organizers assess all the performances at the end of Game Week and calculate a new value for every player. All price changes are published on the Website and the App every Friday at the start of a new Game Week. You may also see all the updates of the prices in your 'Stats' section.

Prices may increase or decrease only by £0.1m per Game Week

Usually, the game has a lockout period every Friday starting at 07:00:01 which could last up to 3 hours. During this period you won't be able to make any changes to your team.


Mini Leagues

Fantasy football shines when it comes to competing against people you know. Nothing may be sweeter than rubbing salt in your friend's wounds when your star-striker bags in a hat-trick and his walks away from the game with a big fat zero. Anyone may create a mini-league or join an existing one if he wants to play against friends, colleagues, or relatives. It is possible to join a mini-league at any point in the Regular Season.

There are two types of mini-leagues in the game – public and private.

A public league is a league that everyone can be a part of. There are no passwords or entry code – any manager may join. You may search for the league you want in the Gaming hub section on the website or in the App.

A private league is a league that can be joined only if you have a special PIN number or an invitation link from the league's creator.  

Two types of scoring are used in mini-leagues – standard and head-to-head.

In the League with a standard scoring system, teams are ranked based on their total number of points in the game.

In a head-to-head League, each team plays a match against another team in the League every game week. The result of the match is based on the score for each team. 3 points are awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. Then teams are ranked by points earned in head-to-head matches. If the number of managers in a head-to-head mini-league is odd, the manager without an opponent in a particular round is automatically awarded 1 point (as if drawing his match).

You may create an unlimited number of leagues. All of them finish with the final whistle of the last game of the season.

All Standard Mini Leagues created before the first game of the season will launch with the start of first Game Week unless the creator of the league specifies a different starting date. All Head to Head Mini Leagues will start from the second Game Week unless the creator of the league specifies otherwise. 


The Sun's Dream Team fantasy football game attracts a lot of users from all over the United Kingdom. There are some unique features in the game that every manager should be aware of. 

  • players earn points not only from EPL games but other domestic and international club competitions;
  • no captains;
  • may enter up to 10 teams into the tournament;
  • five transfers per month are given.

The substantial prize pool, interesting transfer policy, all kinds of competitions that contribute to your players' score make this season-long fantasy game stand out from the pack. There are many factors that may influence your managerial fortunes while playing the game, but fear not, we will provide you with more tips in our next article! 



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