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Tips to Increase Your Sorare Roster Value

When starting on a budget, one of the most important goals for a Sorare manager should be increasing his roster value. The larger your gallery value is, the more freedom you can have on the market. Think of it like building your bankroll in daily fantasy sports or betting. Here are some tips that will help you grow your gallery value quicker, while avoiding some beginners' mistakes.


Don't buy players for one game week

It’s sometimes very tempting to purchase a specific player for an upcoming game week. Either to fill an empty spot in your squad or just trying to chase a good run of fixtures or improved form. Most often this will be a mistake, though. By purchasing a player for just one week, you are relying on him to have a good score just once at a particular moment in time.

Normally, you should try to have at least the next five game weeks in mind to reduce the variance. Even better is to plan further ahead. Try to think whether the next games are favorable for the team you are targeting a player from, as well as how good he would be able to perform in his position. You can get a stats overview and a score projection for a player's position in SO5 Scores tab on the players page of SorareData website.

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Play the market, not the game

Earning card rewards in tournaments is hard. Even though you can still successfully grind thresholds in the All Star division with a modest roster of Rare card and a Common goalie, most often you will earn more by investing your time into actively trading on the market.

Don’t get me wrong, Sorare tournaments are still a decent way to build team value by winning ETH and/or cards, but trading will allow you to grow your roster value quicker.

Limited cards are a great way to practice, as they usually follow the same market tendencies. Their prices also react more to L5 score fluctuations and good upcoming fixtures, if compared to other scarcities. Buy players out of form, sell in form — you’ll be getting a steady profit. The other strategy that can help you get players cheaper would be buying starters about to return from time on the sidelines due to an injury .

Just keep in mind to always do your own research. There are many reasons a manager can place a card on the secondary market and very often golden opportunities will be up there to take advantage of.


Plan for divisions

Before purchasing your first card you should understand the entry rules for different divisions. Have a plan about which tournaments you are going to play and align most of your purchases with it. Focusing on just one or two divisions in the beginning will help you optimize your rosters and get better rewards.

The prizes in the divisions are also different and dynamic. You can out check prizes for each division in the specific tab every game week. In the All-Star Rare division you are able to get guaranteed ETH payouts for reaching certain point thresholds (205 and 250 points at the time of writing), in the other tournaments you need to finish in a certain place range to get rewards. The card rewards are calculated before every game week and are based on the number of licensed teams that have fixtures in a given game week of a specific division.

Prize distribution somewhat affects a team composition strategy. Due to the thresholds in All-Star Rare, in most cases you’d want to play a two-defender formation to decrease variance (we just need to hit a certain point floor), in other divisions it’s preferred to play either two attacking midfielders or forwards. You’ll have a higher chance of hitting a high point ceiling — exactly what’s needed to climb high in the final rankings.


Remember that prices are seasonal

Card prices on Sorare are seasonal. They fluctuate due to the natural reasons of the utility — the more upcoming fixtures there are for a certain player, the higher his price will be. Usually, cards prices start decreasing in the final third of the season, reaching the floor about one month before season end. This is the best time to purchase some longer holds or improve your roster with players that still have some games left.

This works vice versa as well. You’ll get more value selling cards early in the season, as there are plenty of fixtures for them yet to play. International breaks have an effect on prices as well, as managers looking for more liquidity will sometimes let their holdings go for cheaper. So plan your purchases and sales strategically and don’t get scared if the valuation of your longer holds starts falling day after day. Understand the reasons for it and be patient.

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Work actively during transfer windows

Transfer periods in the leagues are a great way to increase your roster value quite quickly. The main idea is to search for players leaving their current clubs for more playing time or the ones whose point output might be improved due to less competition or better partners. Be careful though as not all the leagues are yet covered by Sorare, you should avoid players leaving to uncovered leagues as they will lose their utility and value.

Pay close attention to news — Google search and Twitter should become your best friends. As the market reacts to the news quite quickly, getting updates before everyone else is crucial. This way you can buy moving players cheaper and flip them a few hours later for profit. You may also keep  these assets until the transfer is officially confirmed by the club the price goes even higher. Dig into news and make quick decisions based on your own research and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

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