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A Trip Down FPL Memory Lane

It is sometimes nice to take a trip down memory lane and remember the good old days when Leighton Baines was the best defender the game could offer and Tin Howard was the best shot-stopper in FPL. It can be relaxing and humbling to consider how effective some players were in previous seasons. It can also be humourous to remember how brilliant a player was compared to their output in recent seasons. With pleasure, I have ventured back as far as the 2012/2013 season to reflect on the FPL best players from each season from each position. Oh, those were the days... 


2012/2013 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Robin Van Persie (MNU) 262 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Robin Van Persie (MNU) 262 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Gareth Bale 249 (TOT) Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Leighton Baines (EVE) 177 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Joe Hart (MNC) 158 Points

Biggest Surprises - Eden Hazard (CHE), Michu (SWA), Walcott (ARS), Benteke (AVL), Fellaini (EVE), Lukaku (WBA), Lambert (SOU)

This was the year of Van Persie. Having signed for Manchester United this year, he went on to score twenty-six goals and claim fifteen assists on the way to winning the golden boot and help win United their twentieth Premier League trophy. Gareth Bale was in scintillating form for most of the year along with Suarez, Mata and Cazorla who all ended the season above 200 points.

Michu was the surprise package, having signed for Swansea that year, he scored eighteen goals and proved to be the bargain of the season in FPL terms. Other notable performers that year included Gerrard, Tevez and Berbatov.

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2013/2014 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Luis Suarez (LIV) 295 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Luis Suarez (LIV) 295 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Yaya Toure MNC) 241 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Seamus Coleman (EVE) 180 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Tim Howard (EVE) 160 Points

Biggest Surprises - Sturridge (LIV), Giroud (ARS), Lallana (SOU), Bony (SWA), Szczesny (ARS), Mirallas (EVE)

What an incredible season fro Luis Suarez. Thirty goals and twenty-five assists meant he was the permanent captain in our teams for the entire season. It looked to be one of the only seasons where we could trust two strikers from the same team with Daniel Sturridge also having a fantastic season, scoring 197 points himself. Only Suarez, Yaya Toure, Gerrard and Hazard made it past the 200 point mark.

Yaya proved a revelation for Man City this year, scoring twenty goals. Southampton also proved a great team to invest in, with Lambert, Lallana and their defence scoring respectable points. Manchester City ended up pipping Liverpool to the title after Liverpool's famous capitulation at the end of the season.

2014/2015 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Eden Hazard (CHE) 233 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Sergio Aguero (MNC) 216 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Eden Hazard (CHE) 233 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Branislav Ivanovic (CHE) 179 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Lukas Fabianski (SWA) 151 Points

Biggest Surprises - Kane (TOT), Austin (QPR), Chadli (TOT), Downing (WHM), Berahino (WBM), Ings (Burnley)

Chelsea and Hazard ran riot this year. Winning the league by eight points with the talismanic Belgian netting fourteen goals and ten assists along the way. Only Hazard, Aguero and a peak Alexis Sanchez managed to claim over 200 points.

The most significant impact this season had on FPL was the introduction of Harry Kane. He stormed onto the scene after the start of the season for only £5m and helped himself to twenty-one goals, something that is still spoken about in legend now. Not surprisingly under Mourinho, Chelsea defenders were also high scoring with Ivanovic and Terry being the main beneficiaries.


2015/2016 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Riyad Mahrez (LEI), 240 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Harry Kane (TOT), 211 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Riyad Mahrez (LEI), 240 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Hector Bellerin (ARS) 172 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Petr Cech (ARS) 159 Points

Biggest Surprises - Mahrez (LEI), Vardy (LEI), Ighalo (WAT), Ayew (SWA), Payet (WHM), Wijnaldum (NEW), Mane (SOU)

The year that absolutely nobody saw coming. Leicester claimed their first top division title in their 132-year history and their bargain assets were, rightly, placed in every FPL team. Mahrez and Vardy were mainstays in our teams and they racked up 451 points between them. Harry Kane continued his brilliance in front of goal, and Ozil rounded off the players to reach 200 points.

Lukaku and Aguero were starting to become consistent forward options at this point, both narrowly missing out on the top striker award. Dmitri Payet also burst onto the scene this year, scoring stunning goals and freekicks and earning a respectable total of FPL points.

2016/2017 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Alexis Sanchez (ARS) 264 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Harry Kane (TOT), 224 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Alexis Sanchez (ARS) 264 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Gary Cahill (CHE) 178 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Tom Heaton (BUR) 149 Points

Biggest Surprises - Alli (TOT), King (BOU), Defoe (SUN), Llorente (SWA), Daniels (BOU), McAuley (WBM), Capoue (WAT)

Antonio Conte's first year in charge of Chelsea, and it was a memorable one. Hazard, Costa and the ever-reliable Chelsea defenders were the main sources of FPL points for fantasy managers, but it was a fruitful year in general. Six players made it over the 200 point mark, including Sanchez, Alli, Hazard, Kane, Lukaku and Eriksen.

The Tottenham Hotspur assets proved effective for the whole season, and triple ups in teams were not uncommon. De Bruyne also chipped in with twenty-one assists and 199 points, the start of his dominance in the league.

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2017/2018 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Mo Salah (LIV) 303 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Harry Kane (TOT), 217 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Mo Salah (LIV) 303 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Cesar Azpilicueta (CHE) 175 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - David De Gea (MNU) 172 Points

Biggest Surprises - Salah (LIV), Gross (BRI), Shaqiri (STO), Arnautovic (WHM), Milivojevic (CPL), Doucoure (WAT)

The season that Man City cruised to the title and gave us multiple FPL assets including De Bruyne and Sterling who both finished on more than 200 points. This was also the season that Mo Salah eclipsed 300 points to give us our first legendary player in years. He managed to score thirty goals and nab twelve assists from midfield on his way to becoming a permanent captain in all of our teams. Kane was once again the highest-scoring forward player while Vardy and Mahrez had a reunion year and accumulated 378 points between them. 


2018/2019 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Mo Salah (LIV) 259 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (ARS) 205 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Mo Salah (LIV) 259 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Andrew Robertson (LIV) 213 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Allison (LIV) 176 Points

Biggest Surprises - Sigurdson (EVE), Fraser (BOU), Jimenez (WOL), Wilson (BOU), Milivojevic (CPL), Pickford (EVE), Digne (EVE), Etheridge (CAR), Rondon (NEW), Doherty (WOL)

A quiet year by Salah's standards who only managed a mere 259 points this time around. Surprisingly, eight players managed to make it beyond 200 points in this season with two of them, Robertson and Van Dijk, being defenders. This is most likely where the 'big at the back' movement first started gaining some traction. Aubamayang and Aguero enjoyed excellent seasons in front of goal notching twenty-two and twenty-one goals respectively.

Bournemouth provided some fantastic attacking assets and Cardiff's newly promoted keeper Etheridge was one of the bargains of the season.

2019/2020 Season

  • Highest Scoring Player - Kevin De Bruyne (MCI) 251 Points
  • Highest Scoring Forward - Jamie Vardy (LEI) 210 Points
  • Highest Scoring Midfielder - Kevin De Bruyne (MCI) 251 Points
  • Highest Scoring Defender - Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV) 210 Points
  • Highest Scoring Goalkeeper - Pope (BUR) 170 Points

Biggest Surprises - Martial (MUN), Ings (SOU), Willian (CHE), Henderson (SHU), Abraham (CHE), Grealish (AST), Lundstram (SHU)

Kevin De Bruyne once again cemented his status as an FPL legend, thirteen goals and twenty-three assists saw him take the prize of highest points scorer and absolute talisman for his team and our fantasy teams. Liverpool's marauding right-back, TAA, became essential in our teams and will stay that way for some time. Some of the best value this year was not found in the premium assets. Danny Ings secured 198 points and stayed injury-free while John Lundstram became the best £4.0m defender ever seen in the game.


Historical Takeaways

What does the future hold for FPL? Can we take anything from history in fantasy football and apply it to the present day? One thing is for sure, premium options almost always give you their money's worth by the end of the season. Most importantly, however, if you can identify those bargains early on, you can be sure to have a good season.

It is also worth remembering that the top point scorer is usually hard to predict and owning them doesn't always ensure success in a season. A well-rounded team and good captain choices are far more conducive to a good FPL season. 

All stats and point scores were borrowed from https://www.fplanalytics.com/




I have been playing Fantasy Premier League for almost 13 seasons, with multiple top 100k finishes. I still enjoy the start of every season as if it was my first. Always make sure you're enjoying the game!