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9 months ago

Triple Captaincy Сandidates for Double Gameweek 26

The biggest gameweek of the season is descending upon us. 17 fixtures in one week, we can expect many to break the 100 point barrier. There are lots of strategies to attack this gameweek, be it hits or using a chip. For me, I have used my Bench Boost and Free Hit already so I had always penciled for a Kane Triple Captaincy this week. But is now the right time to use it? Is Kane the right choice? In this article, I delve into whether this is the prime opportunity to use the triple captaincy and who the best selection is if you choose to use it.


Is now the best time to use the Triple Captain chip?

Firstly, if you still have your Bench Boost, I think this is the best chip to deploy this gameweek. So for those of us who have used it already, the question is this the best gameweek to use the Triple Captaincy? For me, the Triple Captaincy should always be used in a double gameweek. It is very valid to use it in a single gameweek, like against West Brom. But I am risk averse and 180mins is much better for returns than 90mins.

This isn’t the last double gameweek left. City and Southampton double next week. Tottenham have to double again, as do Villa. But I believe we should ply the cards in front of us. And the cards presenting plenty of good options this week, so I would use it now. Instead of holding out and waiting for something better. Unfortunately, this may pan out to be the case. But without a crystal ball we cannot know for certain.

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Kane (£11.1m & £11.4m, FPL & FanTeam respectively)

Spurs are going through a rough patch with 5 defeats in their last six while Kane has blanked in the last 2. This is throwing many off Kane as an option. However, he is their talisman, and when Kane plays well so do Spurs. One of them blanks was also against City, where Kane hit the post. While against West Ham Kane was arguably the best player on the pitch with twice as many shots and shots in the box as anyone else.

Up next for Spurs are Burnley at home and Fulham away. On paper, two easy fixtures. But as we know Burnley can be stoic at the back while Fulham have been much improved here of late. In the last 4 matches, Burnley have an xGC of 3.18 — tied 3rd best in the league. While Fulham’s 3.23 is 5th best. Not overly encouraging for Spurs.

However, three things are convincing me that Kane is the best captaincy and triple captaincy choice. Firstly, his form this season. He has racked up 13 goals and 11 assists. That is a return every 80mins. So based on how he is playing this season, we can hope for 2 attacking returns.

Secondly, it is Kane’s history against these clubs. In 14 games against these clubs, he has scored 14 goals and returned 3 assists. He likes playing against them which is positive.

Thirdly, he is Spurs talisman. If Spurs were only to get a couple of goals in these games, it is more likely than not he will be involved in them. Being on penalties helps too!


Bruno (£11.6m & £11.6m)

Similar to Kane, Bruno is also playing out of his skin this year. He is on a whopping 15 goals and 12 assists this campaign, which tallies up to a return every 78mins. Since he has arrived a year ago, he has returned every 76.5mins, both bettering Kane’s 80mins this season. The man can simply do no wrong.

His fixtures are mixed fortunes though — both Chelsea and Palace away. While Chelsea are 1st for xGC in the last 4 matches with 2.41, Palace are the polar opposite with their xGC of 7.8 being 2nd worst (Liverpool being worst interestingly). It is obvious the Palace fixture is a peach for Bruno. But there is a lot of uncertainty in the Chelsea fixture. They have been resolute since Tuchel arrived, but they have not faced a top team yet. So it is hard to predict how they will fare. However, fortunately, both these fixtures are away from Old Trafford which seems to suit Bruno’s style better.

There are a lot of pros in picking Bruno and the more I write this the more I am considering him. Like Kane, he is the Manchester Utd talisman and is on penalties. His return rate is phenomenal. However, he did blank in both outings against these sides this season. But this is much too small a sample size to read into too much. He is a superb pick.

Gundogan (£6.1m & £6.4m)

The runt of the litter this week for me is Gundogan. He has two decent fixtures in Wolves and West Ham at home, but both these teams are on a good run. I don’t need to talk up Gundogan much. In his last 13 starts, he has scored 11 goals and 2 assists equating to a return every 83mins. Outstanding numbers. His recent injury has also given him some rest, but with Champions League matches on the agenda, he may be rested somewhat.

That leads to why I am not so keen on Gundogan this week. I reckon he will start both games, but I would not be surprised if he only plays 130mins or so. The fixtures don’t get me overly excited with West Ham and Wolves sitting 8th and 9th best in the league for xGC in the last 4 matches.

Lastly and playing most on my mind is the Belgian maestro de Bruyne who has returned from injury. Yes Gundogan, performed well with him in the side before but will he keep scoring braces following his return? This uncertainty has left me fully focussed on the tremendous Kane and Bruno picks available to us. Nevertheless, Gundogan is a very capable pick.

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This is an extremely tough call in my view. As I mentioned, Kane and Bruno are my preferences. I would say it is a flip of a coin but I am ever so slightly leaning towards Kane. There is nothing between these players in their ratio of minutes to returns and if anything, it suggests we should get 2 returns from each player. What has me leaning towards Kane is his fixtures. Yes, Burnley and Fulham have been defending well of late, but these are also two teams at the bottom of the table. While Manchester Utd do have the better fixture in the form of Palace, I think Chelsea will be a stern challenge and a Bruno blank may be on the cards. Emphasis on “may”, so go with your gut. Regardless, I think now is the prime opportunity to Triple Captain!

As always, best of luck to everyone, and if you want to reach out to me with any questions DM me on Twitter  or leave a comment below.



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