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Champions League Fantasy Rules & Strategy [Full Guide]

Fantasy Champions League is one of the most prestigious competitions for football geeks in the world. The official fantasy game is organized by UEFA and allows you to draft a team of your favorite players playing for various European clubs in UEFA's Champions League. We will explain how the game works diving into different nuances and share some tips and tricks with you.


Champions League Fantasy Squad & Rules

First of all, let's talk about picking your team, budget, and whether there are any restrictions you must abide with. 

Squad Size

You must pick a team consisting of 15 players. Your squad must include 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards.


Each player in the Champions League fantasy has his own price denoted in € millions. You have only €100 million to pick the players for your squad. This amount is increased to €105 million starting from the round of 16 of the playoffs.

Team composition

There is a limit on the number of players from the same team that you may pick for your squad. This limit also depends on the phase of the Champions League tournament:

  • You may select a maximum of 3 players from the same club during the group phase of the tournament.

  • You may select a maximum of 4 players from the same club during the round of 16.

  • You may select a maximum of 5 players from the same club during the Quarterfinals.

  • You may select a maximum of 6 players from the same club during the Semifinals.

  • You may select a maximum of 8 players from the same club in the Final.


Managing Your UCL Fantasy Team

Champions League Fantasy team management screen

Starting XI

Before every deadline throughout the tournament, you need to select 11 players for your starting squad.

Only these 11 players will go on scoring fantasy points for your team. If any of your players do not make an appearance during the match, they are automatically substituted with the players from your bench. This automatic substitution triggers only if the player coming in doesn't break the formation rule. That means that one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, two midfielders, at least one forward must be fielded in your fantasy team's lineup at all times.

Selecting a captain

You will have to choose one of your players as captain of your fantasy team each game week. His points are doubled. If the captain doesn't play on a given match day, then none of the players get their score doubled. It goes without saying, that you have to be really careful with your captaincy, avoiding rotation-prone players. 



Manual substitutions

Manual substitutions is one of the main features of the UCL Fantasy game that makes it stand out from the crowd 

What can be better than a full hands-on approach when managing your fantasy team? Manual substitutions give you the flexibility of altering your squad while the game week is in progress. There are a couple of ways to manage your team after all games on a single day had finished, and there are some games left to be played. Here are the options a fantasy manager is presented with. You may:

  • Substitute any player (but only if he hadn't been sent off) with one of the players who hasn't played his game yet.
  • Give the captain's armband to one of the players who hasn't played his game yet.

You should remember that if you substitute a player out, his fantasy points will not be counted towards your team's total in the given match day.

When you change a captain, you automatically lose the bonus from your first captain. Think twice before you make changes as they cannot be undone once you have confirmed them.

The maximum amount of substitutions in the matchday is four i.e. the number of players on your bench. And it is quite natural that you are not able to make changes once all the games of the last matchday of the game week have already started.

If you change a captain or make a substitution during the match day, there will be no automatic substitutions made in your team on that match day.

You are allowed to make unlimited substitutions in your team between match days.

Automatic substitutions

Automatic substitutions will be applied to your team after all games of a particular match day have concluded. They will take place only if there had been no captain changes or manual substitutions made during the match day. They will take place:

  • If your goalkeeper hasn't played a single minute on the pitch, your back-up is then subbed in if he had played at least a second in his game.
  • If any of your outfield players do not appear on the pitch during the matchday, then they will be subbed out by one of your players on the bench. The default substitution will be the highest-priority substitute who had played in that particular game week and does not break the formation rules. (At least one goalkeeper, at least two midfielders, at least three defenders and at least one forward should be on the pitch at all times).
  • You can set priorities for your substitutes on the "My Team" page.

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You may sell your players and buy the new ones in the transfer market before the first deadline or between game weeks. You can make unlimited transfers until the competition starts and after the end of the group stage.

You are given 2 free transfers per game week. You may save 1 transfer per game week in the Group Stage which is carried over to the next game week. It means that if you use only 1 transfer between game week 2 and 3, you will have 3 transfers available between game week 3 and 4. No transfers can be saved in the Knockout Phase.


Number of free transfers

Before group stage


Gameweek 1–6

2 per matchday

Between gameweek 6 and round of 16 1st leg


Before round of 16 2nd leg


Before quarter-final 1st leg


Before quarter-final 2nd leg


Before semi-final 1st leg


Before semi-final 2nd leg


Before final


If you need more than 2 transfers to change your squad, you may use additional transfers for -4 points each.

Player prices

Player prices won't change until matchday 4. After it is concluded, the prices will fluctuate depending on the performance of the players in the tournament.


There are two booster options that may help you improve your fortunes in the tournament.



When using the Wildcard, you may make unlimited free transfers before one of the matchdays. One free transfer is carried over if you activate the Wildcard. All points deductions for any additional transfers made before activating the Wildcard on the particular Match Day are canceled. You need to click "Play Wildcard" and then confirm all the transfers you want to make in order for your Wildcard to become active.

You can use the Wildcard only once in the whole tournament. You can't cancel the Wildcard after it has been activated.

Limitless Wildcard

The Limitless Wildcard allows the managers to pick 15 players for their team without any budget restrictions, but only for one matchday. Managers still have to follow the formation rules and are not able to pick too many players from one team when the booster is used. One free transfer is carried over if the Limitless Wildcard is activated.

All points deductions for any additional transfers made before activating the Wildcard on the particular Match Day are canceled. After the matchday has been completed, a user's team will revert to its line-up from the previous matchday. You need to click on "Play Limitless Wildcard" and then confirm all the transfers you want to make in order to activate this wildcard.

You can use the limitless wildcard only once in the whole tournament. You can't cancel the limitless wildcard after it has been activated.


You need to make all the necessary changes before the deadline which passes when the first game of the matchday starts.

All transfers that are made by the matchday deadline will take effect for that set of matches.


Scoring points

All the players will score points based on their performance.



All players




Playing at least 60 minutes (includes points mentioned above)


Goals scored from outside the box (in addition to points for scoring)




Every three balls recovered


Winning a penalty


Conceding a penalty


Missing a penalty


Yellow card


Red card (includes yellow card deduction)


Scoring an own goal




Scoring a goal


Saving a penalty


Keeping a clean sheet (must play at least 60 minutes)


For every three saves


For every two goals conceded




Scoring a goal


Keeping a clean sheet (must play at least 60 minutes)


For every two goals conceded




Scoring a goal


Keeping a clean sheet (must play at least 60 minutes)




Scoring a goal



Clean sheets

Clean sheet points are awarded to a player for not conceding a goal whilst on the pitch and playing at least 60 minutes.

If a player has been substituted and his team concedes a goal afterward, it will not have any influence on his clean sheet bonus.

Red Cards

A player continues to be penalized for conceding goals even after he has been sent off.

You can change your captain if he has received a yellow card and there is a player in your team who hasn't played this game yet. But the sent-off player can't be substituted.


An assist is awarded to a player when he delivers the final pass, cross, header, or shot which leads to the goal being scored. All the set-pieces are also taken into consideration.

An attempt which results in a rebound from the goal frame, the goalkeeper or a defender and then leads directly to a goal should also be considered as an assist.

The attacker may also be awarded with an assist when his actions contribute to an own goal scored.

Only one person may receive an assist for a goal.

There is no assist for a player who wins a penalty shot or creates the scoring opportunity himself which he converts.

Minutes played

Played minutes are counted only when they are fully completed. For example, it means that a player has spent 59 minutes if he is substituted in the 60th minute.


•    Extra-time events are taken into consideration, but penalty shoot-outs are not.



Global leagues

You automatically enter certain leagues after you create a team to take part in the tournament. They are:

  • The overall league with all fantasy managers from all the around the world
  • A league for managers from your country
  • A league of managers who are fans of the same Champions League club as you are

Private leagues

Private leagues is the place where you can play against your friends and colleagues.  You are able to join the league that already exists or create your own and send the code to all the managers you want to see in it.

If you are a returning user of the fantasy UCL, you can restart or rejoin your previous leagues.


UEFA and its sponsors always put together great prizes including paid trips to the final, game consoles, football accessories, and many other valuable things appealing to any football fan.


Champions League Daily Fantasy

Daily fantasy sports is a relatively new format for all the fantasy sports geeks out there. It allows you to create a team just for one game week, and compete with other managers for bragging rights, prizes & cash. You can play Champions League Daily Fantasy at FanTeam, Bethard, and many other DFS platforms available online. Check our website more often for the best bonuses and promotions, as well as dive into our strategy articles to improve your skills.

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UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football: Conclusion

  • UEFA Champions League tournament organized by UEFA official website is one of the most prestigious fantasy tournaments in Europe with massive prizes to be won. 
  • One of the most important features that make this tournament differ from the others is the ability to change the team's captain and make substitutions while the game week is in progress.
  • The Limitless Wildcard is another unique feature of this fantasy game. 
  • If you are a fan of the UEFA Champions League and interested in playing fantasy football, the UEFA Champions League tournament definitely suits you.


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