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Sorare 101. Principles of Selecting 'Extra' SO5 Player

In this article, I will provide you with some tips on how to fill in the Extra slot you have on your Sorare team sheet when entering SO5 competitions. There are different strategies one might consider, as a player of any position (apart from a goalkeeper) is eligible to take up that slot. I will speak about some of them, highlighting the pros and cons of every approach, I hope you find it useful


The SO5 Basics

As you are probably aware, the core fantasy football competition on Sorare is called, ‘SO5’. 

Sorare runs various ‘SO5’ competitions each game week, (twice each calendar week) across all scarcities, and it is down to you to construct and select the best team possible in the hope of winning some juicy rewards.

Each of your SO5 lineups must comprise of the following players:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
  • 5th Player – You can choose the 5th, ‘Extra’ player from any position, (excluding goalkeeper)

Like I mentioned earlier, exactly how to choose your 5th/’Extra’ player is open to some debate. 

Let’s explore some of the key discussion points below, that will hopefully help you to decide on your best option each GW.


SO5 Scoring Matrix

Before we look at each position in more detail, familiarise yourselves with the SO5 scoring Matrix by reading our in-depth guide on how the scoring works. 

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Virgil Van Dijk Card Sorare

There are several reasons why selecting a Defender as your Extra player makes perfect sense.


  • Stacking – Choosing a Defender as your ‘Extra’ player can be a particularly smart move, especially if you have a goalkeeper and another defender from the same team. If the team gets a ‘clean sheet’, you will receive a minimum Decisive Score of 60 for your goalkeeper, plus an additional 10 points on each defenders’ AA score.  Therefore, if you choose to use 2 Defenders + a Goalkeeper from the same team, this will yield 45 points.
  • Double-Double / Double-Triple /Triple-Triple – These scores are awarded for multiple defensive actions within a game, and it is more common for a defender to receive these than players from other positions.  These points are awarded for are Tackles Won, Net Duels Won and Interceptions. A Double-Double would be 2 Tackles Won and 2 Interceptions made = 6 additional points.
  • These actions are awarded in addition to the points for the individual actions.



  • Defenders score -2 points for each goal that their team concedes.  This would also wipe out the 10-point bonus from a clean sheet
  • Defenders have less opportunity to score Decisive Points in comparison to Midfielders and Forwards, (Last Man Tackle and Goal Line Clearance are the only defensive actions contributing to this and are both quite rare occurrences).
  • Defenders generally have a ‘higher floor’, but ‘lower ceiling’ compared to Midfielders (and some forwards), as rely on their All-Around Score to make up the bulk of their overall Player Score.



Joshua Kimmich Card Sorare

Selecting a Midfielder as your Extra player can be a great option and perhaps the most balanced choice for Sorare Managers.


  • High Floor and High Ceiling – Midfielders are the perfect blend of scorer on Sorare.  They are generally the most active players in the game and spend more time on the ball than any other player on a team. Therefore, Midfielders can rack up large AA scores based on their likely increased ‘Volume of Effective Actions’ in comparison to other positions – Key Passes, Big chance created, etc.
  • Midfielders are also more likely to hit larger Decisive Scores compared to Defenders as they generally have a greater opportunity to assist or score goals.  If your player hits a decisive action, they also have the benefit of additional points on their All-Around score, (e.g., a Goal Scored = 35>60 points on Decisive, but you would also receive points for a, ‘Shot on Target’ (+ 3 points).



  • Midfielders can still be awarded with the Double-Double / Double-Triple /Triple-Triple defensive action points, but these are less likely to be achieved than by defenders
  • All-Around scores are on average a little lower than for many defenders, so you may be relying on them to hit a decisive action to secure a higher points tally in total
  • Midfielders do not receive clean sheet points but do receive -2 points per goal conceded by their team

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Kylian Mbappe Card Sorare

Choosing a forward as your Extra player can be the most exciting option and also bring great results:


  • High Ceiling – Forwards are in theory the most likely position in the game to post an attacking decisive action, (goal or assist) and certainly the most likely to record more than 1 decisive action in any GW.
  • Choosing a 2nd forward as your Extra player can be an exciting strategy – especially if they are on a hot streak of form and likely to return 1+ Goals/Assists.
  • If you choose a 2nd Forward, it is worth prioritising one with a strong AA game, (an average of 10 points or above is ideal).  Therefore, if they do hit a decisive action, they are likely to return a score of 70+, (generally perceived as a strong overall Player Score).
  • Shots on Target – If you have a forward that has a high number of shots on target per game, these are worth 3 points each, so can contribute well to the All-Around score.
  • Forwards do not receive any negative points for goals conceded by their team.


  • On most occasions, forwards have lower All-Around Scores and rely mainly on their Decisive Actions to bring big point hauls.
  • Forwards are not rewarded for individual defensive actions.  They can still earn the same Double-Double / Double-Triple /Triple-Triple defensive action points as other positions, but do not receive points for tackles made, interceptions, tackles won, blocks, etc.
  • Forwards can be harshly penalised for  'big chance missed'.  This carries a negative score of -5 points, which is the largest negative All-Around Score action in the scoring matrix.


General Points to Consider:

  • Fixture Analysis/Match-Ups – If your gallery allows it, it is wise to choose your 5th player based on the opposition they are playing. This can often be the most important factor as if you have a player from a team high up in the league and playing well against opposition that are struggling, your player is more likely to score well.
  • Form – Have a look at the recent form of your 5th player.  If you have a forward who has scored in his past 4 games, then it may be best to go with him if you believe that his run will continue.
  • Target – are you realistically aiming for a reward or are you entering the team into All-Star Rare aiming to hit the >205 or >250 point threshold? If the aim is to hit the threshold, it may be best to go for a more conservative and consistent scorer rather than a player who has higher peak scores, but a lower All-Around average.
  • Team Construction – Similarly, if you already have 1 or 2 ‘higher risk’ players that rely on Decisive scores rather than a strong All-Around game, you may be wiser to choose a high AA player as your Extra option.
  • DNP’s – Always, (always!) make sure that you pick a player that is highly likely to start the game.  There is nothing worse than choosing a player who is injured or suspended. I can speak from personal experience on this one, as I missed out on a Tier 2 Rare this week from missing a suspension for one of my players!

Anyway, that’s it for now and I wish you all good luck this game week when choosing your 5th/Extra player!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.



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