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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Sports Is Better than Betting

Fantasy sports have always been a prerogative of North American fans, primarily in the United States and Canada, while sports fans from Europe, Russia, Asia or elsewhere have cut their teeth in betting. It’s always been that way, but it shouldn’t necessarily stay that way. Fantasy sports can be appealing in so many ways and cater to so many audiences, including those who know full well what Asian handicap means. So, here are five reasons why fantasy sports are better than betting.


Player prices stay the same, unlike bookies odds

This is a feature of fantasy sports that both casual and hardcore fans would love. Professional cappers spend several hours a day scouring websites like Oddschecker in search of better betting odds, which could be tiresome.

Fantasy sports players don’t need to do that. As soon as the prices in fantasy tournaments are announced, they cannot be changed, and you can be confident that they will stay the same all the way before a particular tourney kicks off.


You play against real people

You might have heard the expression ‘the house always wins’, which is used when talking about how it is impossible to beat a casino on a consistent basis.

The same could essentially be applied to betting. Bookies roll out the odds which they believe to be the best for them.

As far as fantasy sports are concerned, you can throw that out the window. You are not trying to topple a sports betting juggernaut here – hidden behind the nicknames are real people who make mistakes and could go on tilt (which you can use to your advantage, of course).


The social aspect of the game

To reiterate the point touched upon in the last paragraph – when you play fantasy sports, you try to beat other real human beings and not some mega-corporations. This adds another layer to the game.

For example, if you want to join a heads-up game and you’re unsure about what to expect from a guy nicknamed DFS_Destroyer_666, you can check his stats using a tool like and make your decision based on this information.

Or, if you occasionally dabble in fantasy sports and want to spice things up before watching the Champions League final, you can challenge one of your friends to a one-on-one battle. Or, you can connect with fellow fantasy players via forums, chats, social media etc.

On that note, can you name the most profitable bettor at William Hill? Can you hit them up on Twitter and meet them in real life to share a couple of cold ones? I think not.


Predict the performance of specific players

This one is for those who pride themselves on predicting which players will deliver on a given night, whether on the pitch, on the ice, or on the court.

If you ask me, there is no better feeling than seeing yourself at the top of the leaderboard with a unique set of players no one but you has picked. This does wonders to your ego and gives you enormous bragging rights (and money, too).

If you also think that you’d make a great manager, you can go ahead and prove just that by assembling a team for a gameweek and kick everyone’s ass.

Geekiness pays

It doesn't take much skill to bet on your favorite team every time you visit a match or have a few drinks with your mates. By the time the match is complete and those drinks are finished, it usually doesn't matter who has won or lost.

Playing fantasy sports requires a different set of skills to succeed. You have to analyze the odds, mind the stats, do the research, think of all teams and players playing, not just your favorite star striker.

It is not a casual hobby, certainly not for everyone and requires more than just one click of a mouse. It pays to be smart, to know your way around numbers or just be well informed about the sport or league you enjoy following.

There you have it, folks. The industry of fantasy sports is booming, so don’t be afraid and start experimenting. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one whose path to success the young guns will be trying to replicate. Just don’t take the nickname DFS_Destroyer_666, please. Be reasonable. We’re all grown men after all.



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